Saturday, June 2, 2012


Haven't been really on the internet for the past few weeks. . . AND IT'S JUNE ALREADY! Yay! My month! My life is going pretty great, by the way, thank you for asking. Learned a lot from my design spheres, met new people and expanded my networking, tried some great new restaurants in the city . . . and what else . . . I'm suddenly lost in words. OH! Have been addicted to bubble drinks for the past few months as well.

Hm . . . well anyways, since it's my month, I was going to publish a post daily. But . . . oh well, we'll see. Ha, ha. I should really write a lot more. Seriously. My vocabs are getting . . . poorer. *does that even make sense? HA. Correct me if I'm wrong. Oh well. Sometimes, my mind becomes blank whenever I'm in front of this posting page.

So . . . while you're enjoying your Saturday night outside, I'm keeping myself busy with a movie-marathon to keep me occupied for the night. Movies on the list to watch: The Lost Valentine, and The Accidental Husband. Yes, those chick-weepy-flicks.

Goodnight. Oh. By the way, sorry for the picture-less post. I promise I'll post up some pictures to keep the blog . . . pretty and colorful!

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