Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wanna See My Interior Design?

The sun was very torrid today in Jakarta. I had to accompanied my *coughs* cool lecturer (Mr. Fadli, or you just call him 'sob' or 'bos' just like I do) for the T-shirt design that our department agreed to make. By the way, if you're interested on this particular lecturer of mine, check this out! He's not those typical old (well, yes he's old) and white-haired lecturer, he's more into a friend. OMG I didn't realized that I was actually had a heart-to-heart conversation with him about guys (curcol) HAHA, oh well.

The shirt we're making will be worn on Saturday because of the college's expo will be held starting on the 5th. Please be there! Click here to read more about the expo.

Anyways, I got motivated to actualy make a t-shirt of my own. Maybe I'll just do one to promote this blog so that everyone could read it! Muahahahaha :D

Had a 'nasi bakar' (grilled rice) and es campur for my late lunch at Gula Merah. Firstly they cooked the rice and all the side dishes, after that they put it in a banana leaf and grilled it. Yes, I have a big appetite.

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