Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eye Eye!

Spent the day wandering around Gandaria City, and found out that there was this event from Binus University exhibiting their Visual Communications and Design students' works. It is called Fresh n Brite 2010: Design.Dream.Reality

I love to go to exhibits like these because I get to know how other people's mind are working. With their different perspective on things. With their own style of interpreting something. I love to explore human minds. Yes I know, I'm weird.

Moving on. Got these lovely things. A Lennor batik bolero, an I ♥ RI car thingy and some stickers! HAHA!

I've just noticed all of Lennor's designs are from the mind of Lenny Agustin, a new and upcoming young Indonesian designer (it's her second line). Her designs are mostly cheerful and colorful - and perhaps she's mostly known for her kebaya wedding gowns.

And oh, I don't know what's wrong with my eye - but I got this red-eye thing again! Argh, it's bugging meeeeee :"( Now where is the eye patch?

The lovely fattening cookie-monster ice blended coffee and pandan pancakes for tea time. OMG

Woopsie daisy. My late night snack, eh? Double OMGs.

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