Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meaty Me.

Didn't get the chance to put a post yesterday, since Blogger was having its maintenance thingy. Anyways, had a chance to had a meaty lunch at The Butcher. It was a nice, seriously. I loved the whole meat-shop atmosphere in the place - though I sometimes thought the place would smell so meaty and fatty. But it wasn't, haha!

Anyways, they had this nice lunch set menu thing, which was quite affordable too you know! You could get 3 sets of meal, and it wasn't that small either! I picked the 120g tenderloin, with a typical mushroom sauce. But they had other sauces, like for e.g. black pepper, red wine, and berries!

The Butcher is being developed with the same founders of The Apartment! I love Culinary Concepts designs :)

Oh, had a cooking session for the first half of the day! Strawberry tartlets! And they turned out to be tooooooo sweet. And tooooooo creamy. Oh well.

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