Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Start.

It has been so looooooong since I last met my friends, especially my school friends. Spent the day by having a quick lunch-out with Alia and Nissa. I know all of them are now busy with their own things, uni stuff and all, but three is better than nothing right? Hahaha. At last we had a chance to try The Goods Dept's Goods Cafe. I've been craving for their famous Coffee Rub Burger, and Alia went insane when I told her about their signature Bailey's Milkshake.

I adore these shoes. Love at second sight from Pedder Red.

Anyways, one of the batik from Tripti Batik is done! There are still 2 more of mine, and loads more of my mommy's. The family and I has been consistent on making made-to-order batiks from Tripti. Go and check their collections on their web or even their Facebook page!