Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Europe. Has been a lot of fun. Spent four days-ish in Paris, and I'm already back here in Amsterdam. Well, I guess it's lucky for me to have a . . . 'free place' to live in, cause my cousin's landlord told me to stay at the newer place just a floor beneath his - and this includes that I won't be sleeping with his pet cat, Socks. . . not much of a cat person i am, haha! Have been strolling around just around the park near the apartment, and visited Van Gogh Museum at the Museumplein.

There are blisters on my feet and I'm telling you, it's not that fine if you're having blisters and the only way to go around the city is by walking, or taking the tram, or whatever that involves 'walking' in it. Ha ha! Perhaps I should borrow a bike to go around the city, cause Amsterdam is the city of bikes - and that's for sure.

Well, probably I'm not gonna tell the whole journey all in this one post - with no photos - cause I'm kind of . . . lazy, to 'update' it all in once. And plus, I'm not going to spend time blogging using Mas Johann's MacBook Pro the whole time, you know. . . He needs his laptop too.

Oh well, it's a nice short post that I've been wanting to write. It has been, what . . . 5 days-ish since my last post? Oh well, I think I may not be using the laptop all the time. And I just had one of the best dinners in Europe, a well 'home-cooked' meal at this place called Olive & Cookie just around the corner, with my cousin and his friend. Nice food, since the Lebanese lunch I had in Paris.

Will be in touch soon! I'll talk later!


  1. how does lebanese food taste? is it good?

  2. yes they're good, u should try!

  3. hmm... i am curious now... are they just like padang food? do we have it in Indonesia?