Saturday, November 10, 2012

Last Night's Story.

Hello from Jakarta! (Again, ha ha!)

Since there's a kind of 'long-weekend' that is happening in Singapore, mommy bought me ticket to ride back home! So nice of her, *teehee! Well, mommy didn't want me to walk around and spend an amount of money for shopping, so then she bought me a very worth piece of paper. Not a cheque though, a plane ticket. Ha ha.

Anyways . . . I was hoping to surprise my man by going back home in a sudden. Just like in the movies, you know, where one would just say "Look outside, I'm already in front of your window" kind of thing. Oh this reminds me, he did actually did that . . . on my birthday this year. Oh wow. Now my heart pumps so fast remembering this. Ha ha, okay let's continue.

Okay, new paragraph. To make it clearer. And nicer. Where was I? Oh, yes. Surprise.

So . . . okay. Mommy and daddy agreed to pick me up, just before the plane took off. So I was okay, since they said they went to the airport just when I arrived in Changi, ha ha. So anyways to make long story short, I was very panic, last night. After I landed. My phone's battery was dying, and with Blackberry, the remote connection would be automatically switched off when the battery's reached into, like . . . 5%? Plus the fact that both of my phones could not connect in Indonesia, I texted mommy quite a lot of time, with that little amount of battery that still remained, to ask her where she was. But then, what did mommy told me was just "Just stay there . . . " and "Just stay there . . . " / Okay. Since it was kinda late at night, and there are so not many people around. Lots of men around. Okay. I was in my panic-y mode.

In that panic moment, didn't know what to do, I saw a glimpse of a tall man . . . standing quite close to me . . . Where he then sort of, you know, making that 'fake cough sound' - which made me realize that . . . there he was. Wearing a blue shirt and his duty black pants. Looking straightly deep into my eyes. Oh wow. Yes, it was my man, Boggie.

It was the best . . . feeling. Ever. But there's something better happened when we reached the car. He gave me . . . cookies. With our initials. Just to celebrate our belated almost a year anniversary. As a softie, obviously I was flood in tears immediately. 

He is the sweetest. Ever.  

Ever have a dream, what's your prince charming would be, when you're just a little kid? Mine is him. My very own Boggie. Yes, he is my dream come true. My prince charming. My knight in shining armor. Yes, I'm not being cheesy - but hey, I love cheese. Ha.

I can't thank my mighty Lord enough, to meet him. To know him. To love him. I'm very confident to say that he is the one for me. The one that God chose for me. And I am taken from his bones. I have so many stories that, I may say, waaaaaaaayyyyyyy better than those romantic movies that are played by those Hollywood A-stars - because I have the BEST director in this universe, my Lord Jesus Christ.

One important thing: have an intimate relationship with God. Oh and of course, walk in His paths. Whether you like it or not, whether His paths are sometimes full of rocks and aren't smooth, don't take shortcuts. You'll never know if you'll end up stepping into a steep cliff.

Just have the faith that He will provide the best for you. He keeps His promises! His ways are better than yours. Trust me, He will do great things in His perfect timing - and every little teenie weenie thing will be provided.

Well, I guess that's about it. Just want to share my thoughts and happiness *teehee! Goodnight, and I'll be doing my report on Sustainable Design. Ha, ha.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New in November.

It's November already, and yes, it has been ages since I touched this. Matter of fact, it's been VEEEERRRYYY long since I last logged in this ha ha.

Well, since I'm getting myself a break from all of the works that I'm currently doing, I had a thought to myself : "Why shouldn't I blog?" - so here I am, in front of my laptop, listening to John Legend's Maxine, while it's gloomy outside and the room's windows are all fogged up. Today's weather is so nice to cuddle in the blankie and just sleep all day long. Though at first I really wanted to have a short laps in the pool . . . *sigh

So okay, life's pretty amazing - and I can't thank my God enough for it. Moved to a closer place near the city center, with better facilities and is quite bigger than the previous one. Oh, I walk more often since I moved to the place. This is why I love about the place. Makes me to . . . exercise. In a way. For the tan, it's easy. I'll just have a full lulur treatment back home.

Oh! Mommy visited me for a week or so, and helped me moved places. I miss her already. Miss all the yummy eats that we had, ha ha!

I'm currently halfway till the term ends. I just can't really wait to finish this term. Well to be honest, I just can't wait to finish my studies! Ha, ha!

Since I don't know what to write anymore, I'll just end the post right here. Good day!