Saturday, October 13, 2012

Next Level.

Hello, hello, hello . . . From Jakarta! (Again, ha!) Will be here until Monday, so I still have a couple of days to eat lots of good and yummy things for the tummy! And really enjoy sleeping in the bedroom of mine! Though it's a mess, I couldn't be bothered to clean the room. Especially the closet. Well, since the brother will be sleeping in mine when I'm back to the Lion city . . . therefore I guess it'll be just a waste of time (and energy) to clean up the room. Ha.

Oh well. Had my Advanced Diploma graduation ceremony yesterday. Not all of the family could come though, I hope they'll come to my degree's graduation on next year's June *a big AMEEEEENN for this :)

The gossip-ful lecturer, and all the interior design grads!

Yay! With the family and my two lovely men :)  

Loving every single bits of the days in Jakarta. It's funny that I just had much fun of graduating, but I still have tons of assignments for my degree to be completed. Hmmmm. . . Will be having 9 more weeks of living alone in Singapore till I'm back in my hometown. Can't really wait. Seriously!!! Well to be honest, I just can't wait till my studies are over! HA, HA! 9 more months till my degree is over. Just like waiting for a child to be born.

Goodnight. And try listen to this track from Anastasia. One of my current faves :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Week.

It's the first week of the new term, and I don't really have that much work to do. Well, I know this term's works will be . . . a lot. A heck lot. But I just don't know where to start!!! And since I have looooonnnnggggg weekends for the next 11 weeks, a thought of "weekends-in-Jakarta-for-4-days" occurs to me quite often. HA! I so wish I own a private jet.

Thank God that Kakung and Uti visited here for 4 nights, if I'm not mistaken, therefore living a luxurious life for 4 days have helped to overcome my . . . boredom? Ha, ha! Really . . . it's quite boring to live in this city. Yes, this is a small teeny-weenie country/city, and they don't have much of attractions to do. Other than . . . what? Shopping? Eating? And what else, movies? They are all just another expression of "spending". Living in Singapore definitely not a big plan for me for the future, cause hey, I'm a living membrane of my home country! I dedicate my life to God and my country. Oh and plus, there are already other exciting plans that I already put under God's mighty hands since now. *teehee!

Oh well. I'm not blaming that shopping is bad. I've just did some shopping just now. Oh, plus tomorrow. I've just remembered that I need to buy some things for people back home. 3 more sleeps and I'll be in Jakarta in no time. HA HA!! Oh, this is for educational purposes. Not for some . . . 'stress-releasing' and to overcome my 'boredom' kinda thing.

Hm . . . things that happened . . . after Kakung and Uti went back home . . . ? Oh. Visited the Labrador Nature Reserve (I guess people here know this as 'Labrador Park'). It's for my Sustainable Design class. This class brings back memories of my biology class that I had in high school. Really. I thought I won't be touching any 'science material' (in all ways) in the university level again! Especially in a so-called 'design' course. But yes, I was wrong. I was totally wrong. Oh well, but I loved biology. It's the easiest science of all. The study of the living organisms and the environment. So yeah, can't really wait to use those biological terms that are now vague. An interesting class indeed.

Oh well, it's a no-no to talk about . . . 'work' on Sundays. Can't believed that I've just talked about it! Grrrr. Sorry, my bad. Oh well, found out that Lovisa has so many little cute accessories to brighten up my collection! I think I will visit the store again tomorrow.

(You can check their other collections here!)

Well anyways, read some very entertaining posts by my moodbooster Vanessa on her blog! Surely a great way to brighten up this night. Check them out here!