Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm currently overdosed on happiness for the past few weeks! One of them is the completion of my portfolio that I've been doing for the past 11 weeks. My oh my, I just know that I could do this all by the grace of God - cause without Him, I would be a zero.

And not to mention about the journal that I made, consisting of all the processes that I've got to deal with while making the portfolio. Well . . . I'm not going to put all of them in the blog, cause it'll be too crowded - ha ha! Yes, I don't want things to be too literal, therefore the use of Greek alphabets is one thing.

Oh, and the ultimate thing that made me ecstatic for the past few weeks is about my B and I, with all of our plans - that are being put into God's mighty hands, of course *teehee*


  1. looks so awesome ! good job ! :)
    keep up the good work !

    -Handy S

  2. Yay! Thankyou so much for the kind words handy!
    can't wait to see yours soon! Nyahahaha

  3. so cool keeei!!!!! :D