Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Future Ideas.

Hi! I'm actually posting this up while I'm at work. Yep. I don't really have much thing to do for the day, just fancying up a presentation or some kind of log book, and need to change a color palette for a restaurant that I'm helping. And so . . . firstly, I had this motivation of me browsing for inspirational pictures to put it on to the palette, but then . . . I got so caught up with these ideas that I could make for my own future project.

Although I want to share my thoughts and my future ideas, I think it's too risky to put it on the web and I'm just keeping to myself for now. And withing my family and closest friends. Perhaps when the time has come, I'll share it with you guys :)

Enjoy your day!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Heads Up.

Ever had some sort of a . . . 'boredom' of what you do for living? I guess everyone has to pass this phase, I guess? I've been . . . very tired and all that. Lots of things to do, in so little time. A lot of thinking has been occurring in my mind. About the present, about the future, and all that. Not to mention about the tension and pressure that are going on lately. Perhaps these are the reasons that I guess are the cause of me having this 'phase of boredom'.

Oh well, life's a colorful journey. And I think I'm in my grey road right now. Ha. Oh well . . . Will have to make this week a productive week, though. And put it all in God's mighty hands, for sure . . .

Guess it was a right choice to start coloring up the week by having a movie marathon today. Final Destination 5, which was NOT really my thing, but it was Lizzie's choice. And then we ended the day with . . . Hangover part 2! Which was my choice. And it really was entertaining. Wickedly funny it was! And yes, I ate this fattening and so egg-y layered crepes cake with apple crumble and topped with a scoop of ice cream.

An interesting quote I found to boost my week up. And I hope you'll get some spark of energy boost out of this quote. Have a great week ahead!

Sunday's Family Day.

So . . . yesterday was family day. Since my brother's still around, my Kakung had the urge to have a lunch-out after church at Jun Njan. A feast it was. And yes, I was bloated.

And later at night, we had this family gathering (dad's side) at my uncle's house. Yes, as you know I don't really get along with my family from dad's. Well, scratch that, only a few. Only my first cousins, you know. And there were people that I don't really know (like, for instance, my dad's second cousins . . . Like, seriously. . . How am I suppose to know?) came up to my dad and said things like: "How come you never bring your daughter around when there are meetings?" Yep . . . That is why I don't like to hang around much.

From my dad's side, it's sort of a . . . normal thing to do to match-make your kids with your own second or third cousins/nephews/nieces. Sort of. I don't really get it. But my dad, of course, doesn't want their children to be match-made! Cause he also refused to be match-made when he was younger. Ha! Like, hello? It's already 2011 you know, and people have their rights to CHOOSE! Ha, ha ha.

Oh well . . . Enough with the family drama. Today's plan is to have a movie marathon with Lizzie-o!


P.S. - I'm currently drooling over Kahitna's songs. Yes, they have the best love songs (locally, in my opinion). And one of my current favorite is "Menikahimu" - which means "Marrying You". That song is beyond sweet.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Had a pretty hardcore week, and so mind the fewer posts. Work's pretty stressful and took much of my time. Tears have been accompanying me through sleeps. And also eating rice have been the solution. My oh my, rice + me = is not a good combo. I've been avoiding eating carbohydrates since . . . I don't know. I need to burn some calories tomorrow morning.

Well . . . Having a lunch-out for Gui's farewell today at Social House with the Interior Design peeps was quite fun. It did boost my mood up a little bit. The fact that she's leaving . . . wasn't that good idea, though.

Gui was my first lecturer at the Institute and in my opinion, she opened my eyes a little quite further in the design world. Lots of questions and critiques were given throughout my works actually made me learn on how to defend my ideas and actually gain more knowledge. I look up to her in many different views. The fact that, in my opinion, she's an adventurer, brace myself up on taking a journey on my own to Europe this year. Having to see a whole new side of the world on my own actually was really . . . something. It taught me a lot.

There's already something missing without her having teaching any of my classes for these past 2 terms. Yes, it's funny how I miss her cold and tough inputs. But then again, those were actually the most constructive criticisms that I needed. I personally will miss her.

Wishing you a great journey in life ahead, Guillemette Pralat!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Blogger for iPhone!

Hi! As I am currently have nothing to do, I was busy flicking through the phone and realized that Blogger is now available in the app store! Happy me!

Though I'm still confuse figure things out how to work this on the phone, but I guess NOW I have things to do. Ha ha!

Oh! By this, I can simply put my Instragam photos as well! Without having to open the link on the web! *teehee*

Wishing you a great Monday, peeps!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Girls' Night Out.

I know this is so last week, but I just have to put it on the blog. Ha, ha. We went to Luna Negra on the 8th and it was super fab. (Some) meals were very delish - I guess you should have the best instinct to actually order a meal *haha, place was superb, and it was actually a really nice night.

My friends and I are going to have this some kind of . . . what should I say. . . 'ritual', perhaps? Every once in the beginning of the month, we will go and have this . . . 'girls night out' thing in some fancy restaurant. Enjoying ourselves, not worrying about our studies and workloads, and just laugh it all out.

Can't wait till next month comes!

Monday, September 12, 2011


So . . . Have been dealing with lots of work lately. Since it's sort of my last Design Studio course, I need to really pay attention. Especially to details! Cause of the workload, I forgot to put a post about a yummy visit to Luna Negra with the girls last week. Oh well, perhaps later this week I'll keep the blog posted.

Retro with splashes of pop-art is the key for this one. Will have to be extra focus for the next 24h x 2.5 (-ish). Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Had a nice little meet up with friends after class. At first, we had the urge to try the new Sinou branch in Senopati. Well, I thought the one in Senopati is the same as they have in Panglima Polim. Well, the one we went was the new one and it was actually Sinou Steak - so they're specializing their food on steaks. It was worth to try, though. Loved the interior and what-nots. Really emphasize the atmosphere of a barn.

Anyways, after I had the lamb chops, which was nice, we moved to Appetite just a couple of meters ahead. A small, cozy, and perfect place to lounge around surrounded by girlfriends. I guess I'm not the only one who have a sweet tooth! Desserts were good and so was the food.

And of course . . . a habit that I like to do when I enter a room: observe the place. I love all the bits and pieces in the cafe.

Friday, September 2, 2011


He hugged me tight and kissed both of my cheeks and forehead, and we both didn't had nothing to say, only the teary eyes that tickles the eyes. A 10-days trip surely made me miss him, not to mention that yesterday was his birthday. I swear . . . it was, by far, the most special moment of 2011.

I love my Kakung. . .