Friday, March 30, 2012


Hello! Hope you guys are doing fabulous. For me, well . . . the sun has been shining quite hard for these couple of days, and not to mention about the whole riots which have been decorating the city (and the country) for the past few days. Glad that my Kakung is not in town, if he's here, I'm sure he'll be watching the TV 24/7. Hm . . . Anyways, I've been doing these lovely moodboards (per room) for the concept of an apartment project. Well, these are just some of the works that I did though - I don't want to spoil the magic, HA HA!

Since the whole concept or theme is around the color mint-green, this surely made me crave for some mint-chocolate chip ice cream, which I had after lunch today! Yay! Oh by the way, I don't actually know what's the relation of designing a concept with my food cravings . . .

Hm . . . What else to share . . . I've been missing so much stuff amongst the world of Instagram. AND, of course . . . I miss catching up with my friends as well *sigh . . . Oh! Here's a little something-something:

Good night!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Since there were these riots that were (and are still - I guess) happening in town, I worked from home for the past few days of the week - which I reaaaaalllyyyy love (and this includes for my future career plan, which is . . . pretty flexible, which is great - my dream job, really). Anyways . . . have been working for a new concept development for an apartment project.

Seriously . . . whenever I have a project to handle, mostly the clients that I got are newlyweds who are designing their homes, which includes their future baby's room. Yes. I seriously can't wait to design our own apartment. With the future nursery's room and all. HA HA!

Oh well . . . I don't think I have anything more to be shared. Perhaps, just a little photo of us attending a wedding last Sunday *teehee! Looks like I have to continue all the work. Oh, maybe I'll just write a little something for the company's blog!

Have a great sleep!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In The Long Run.

At first, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to be. Well, as I am keen on writing, my dream as a child was to be an editor at some chic magazine - due to the movie The Devil Wears Prada, and of course the serial Ugly Betty. Within the other part of me, I really like to . . . make stuff. Since a child, I've been making stuff and really do enjoyed it. Although they were just the little things that are, most of the time, pointless . . . such as bracelets and necklaces, toy cameras from used tissue boxes, then it got bigger to paper-tole (3D decoupage), and etc. My favorite alley in the toy-store was definitely the arts & crafts area, where I could freely pick all of those colorful Crayola kits to be my best friend (literally, though. I do have real friends.)

Well, perhaps it's a 'mom-thing' - where every mommies know what is their child's strengths & weaknesses. When I was in my last stages of school, mommy told me to think about entering a design school, where I should study interior design - as she told me that graphic design is very booming and is everywhere, at that point of time. Then again, I've just realized that since a child I like to change my room's layout and wall color every now and then. So then, I followed her advice to look for something . . . rare.

I really am grateful to really study and deepen my knowledge in the world of design. It wasn't that 'easy' as I thought it would. The road was complex, I'm telling you. We, as interior design students, also have to learn about construction, plumbing systems, and all those details - which I thought it was the job for architects, not interior designers. Really? Equations for stairs? And lighting points? Are you kidding me?

Although there were obstacles and difficulties that I had to face, I managed to cope with them all and went through my process. We can't just expect to see some magic happens and poofs right away in front of you. I think every little thing needs process. Design needs process. I am truly blessed to see and experienced all of the processes and I'm really pleased that I could cope with the problems that I had for the last 2 years.

If it weren't because of God's mighty strength and never-ending grace, I wouldn't be like this today. I now have finished my Advanced Diploma from the Institute, and I'm now preparing for my Bachelor's degree in another countable months, overseas.

A new door to open. A new experience is waiting. A new process awaits.

P.S. - Perhaps this little something for the day that I shared, might . . . be a little light bedtime story for you guys *teehee*

OHHH! Another P.S. - My baby Boggie was really reaaaallllyy sweet, as always. We had a nice late lunch at Kempinski and made me very full with the Norwegian pan-fried salmon which was very delicious!

Friday, March 16, 2012

We Could Happen.

Perhaps a little video to end the day. I've been repeating this song again and again, and I hope this video brings a wonderful smile on your beautiful faces. An AJ Rafael original song, and it's called "We Could Happen".

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stuff That Happened.


Long time no . . . . talk, indeed. I've been SUPER BUSY lately and I do really apologize for the whole MIA thing going on, and not posting some new posts or whatever. Well, I hope you're still a fan of my blog . . . HA!

I've been caught up doing my final work for the Institute, all of the final presentation and report that have to be done. Oh by the way, tomorrow I'll be submitting my 153-paged final report - please do pray for me *teehee! Well . . . I would surely love to share an online-version of my report in here (cause it's really cheery and happy and reflects me as a designer - not bragging here, but true. Ha, ha!!!), but the web is toooooo broad and I just don't want to spill my works that easy (you know, privacy kind of stuff, and as well as plagiarism and yadda yadda yadda). Well, I'll think of something, though.

A lot of stuff happened during the past few weeks, and I just miss . . . shopping. YES. I really want to buy a new pair of shoes. . . like, pronto!!! Had a nice lunch with mommy at our usual Bakerzin and finished off with a lovely strawberry soufflé (new menu - worth to try!)

Anyways, after the whole eatery, we went and looked around some shops. Have been alluring to buy . . . SOMETHING (just like the blog's name, HA!). Well, as I'm a diehard shoe-fan, I've been browsing around some shops to buy some new ones for the collection. As time went by . . . I ended up empty handed, cause there were too many choices to pick from! Ha, ha!

Just look at these babies . . . . they're so flirty and I just can't resist. It'll be lovely if these babies magically poofs right in front of my front door!

Shoes are from: Anthropologie, Steve Madden, Zara, Steve Madden found at Nasty Gal, and my most favorite local shoe brand - UP Shoes.

Wow. I'm putting all of these stuff under one post . . . and I've just realized I think this is my very first post with the largest number of labels to be classified. Ha, ha. Oh well, have a great night!