Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I guess I'm in my writing mood right now, though I don't really know what to share. So please bear with me with some chunks of juicy paragraphs that I think I will write within this post.

The week has been pretty fun and exciting, but minus the upset-tummy that I had several days ago - which was pretty terrifying and surely exhausting. An ointment and a letter from Boggie, though he himself is pretty much my greatest cure! *teehee

I've been doing the 3D model of the kitchen that I'm working right now, and I guess I needed a short break from all the work-related things. Oh! Have been doing some finishes for the internship report as well, and there are still some missing parts that I need to do - and it's due on Friday! Well, it's only the draft though, but . . . still.

Haven't been working out during the weekdays, so therefore my new workout session is on weekends. Yay! (Not, ha ha). So . . . I guess I'm stuck with no more topics to be shared, and I guess I'll go on to and continue my work.

Oh, it's lunchtime already! Yay! Have a great lunch, everyone!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last Saturday of the month.

Woke up today and got a lovely surprise from Boggie. A bouquet-full of red roses and a letter (which should remain confidential, ha ha). A really nice way to end the last Saturday of the month. He is a real sweetheart. Planned the whole surprise thing with mommy. It really tingled my heart. Like seriously. Oh, didn't get the chance to search on those crystal vases from Uti's collection, Starbucks frappuccino's bottle it is, as a vase.

Well, while he's up around the air somewhere. . . I spent the day by cleaning up the room . . . and the workspace! My oh my. My Uti really wanted the space to be clean and neat. So, yeah . . . guess what I did could make her happy.

Didn't go anywhere, which . . . I don't really mind. Seriously. Saving more money for the future! Ha. Oh, had an hour-ish exercise, which makes my body aches real bad right now. Especially my calves. Well, I hope I'll be all muscular-y in no time! *teehee*

Oh! And here's a sneak peek of my internship report. Well, I don't know if you're that interested of what I do. Ha, ha.

Oh well, hope you are now enjoying your Saturday!


Read them one by one :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Trips of the day.

Had a pretty nice day. Since the principal designer at the office couldn't come, I had to attend a seminar thingy, well it was called as a 'Designer Gathering' though, at Informa Living World. Seriously, it was my first visit and I fell in love with the place instantly. It's a 3-storey furniture shop, and I could simply live there. A one-day visit is not enough to look around, in my opinion that is. Oh, got a complete catalog that is worth a million Rupiah - oh how I love getting goodie bags from seminars/exhibitions.

Anyways, had a quick stroll at Living World - and my oh my . . . the place is full of food! Not to mention that there's Flavour Bliss across the street. So . . . I guess I'm going to share my culinary experience for the day.

A quick lunch at the Eastern Kopi Tiam, which is in the Flavor Bliss area. Well, technically Alam Sutera is in Tangerang which is OUTSIDE Jakarta, and so I don't visit the area quite often. Anyways, the food was . . . great! Really! Had a nice kwetiauw siram, shared with mommy though. Oh, and the place was so . . . Singaporean. I really loved it. Not to mention about the price! Very affordable!

Next, after the whole seminar thingy, we had a stop for our coffee at another kopitiam place, called My Kopi-O. Well, since we were in the area, we would like to try restaurants that aren't available (yet) in the south - where we live. Had fried eggplants, which was really tasty, and had this . . . I forgot what's it called. Well, it's a dessert. Ha. Oh well, the taro smoothie that I had was yummy as well.

Guess my weekend will be occupied on the treadmill! Good night.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


A nice day it was. Finished some of the moodboard of the children's bedroom of the current project that I'm working on - which I want to share it with you guys, but I'm using the babymac right now, not my 'working laptop', ha ha. It has also been awhile since I actually USE this iMac of mine - and its been sitting on top of the table without being turned off for quite some time. Ha, oh well.

Had the chance to go outside the office for a site visit at an apartment in Cik Ditiro, which is in the heart of the city. Oh, then had a pretty nice lunch at 'Restoran Trio' - a legendary Cantonese restaurant that's been in the same exact location since my Kakung was still in his college years! A really nice day it was.

This means . . . a very loooonnngggg morning run for tomorrow! Good night everyone.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi! How are you? Hopefully you guys are doing just fine for the week. Anyways, I think it's time for me to get back in track on this blog of mine. Although I guess this will be kind of a short one, but hey . . . it's better than nothing, riggghttt? Ha, ha.

Anyways, I'm currently doing the kid's bedroom now. I'm not quite sure to do a nursery room or a kids' room. Well, since the client's future house is a Classic-Contemporary style, I guess some of the stuff like these below would fit the house. And yet, the wife prefers monochromatic soft and pastel colors, but the husband likes to have a little bit of accented colors to pop the room a little bit. Guess that's my challenge now.

I love children so much,
like . . . I really do! I just can't wait to design my own room for the future juniors. And these . . . are what I want to design for them. Later on. In the (near) future. Ha, ha!!!

Good day, everyone. Don't forget to eat your lunch.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi. Sorry, sorry, major sorry!

I've been quite occupied during these past weeks, well you could see by how many posts I did for the month! OMG, with this one, it would be my 2nd post of the month! WOW. Although I have few of some freshly written posts saved as drafts - it's too cheesy I wouldn't even publish it online. Ha, ha.

Anyways, how am I doing? I'm doing great as always (like you would even ask? ha, ha. I'm talking to myself. Weird? I know). Okay moving on . . . work has been fun and challenging. Despite the accessories hunting and site visits, I've been told to handle a new project of a kitchen and the children's bedroom of a Contemporary Classic house. As I reaaaallllly love kids, doing this project would be very fun! Well, for the kitchen . . . perhaps it's a sign for me to actually START doing some cooking, not just collecting new recipes without even making it. Ha!

Well, perhaps I should go and continue my progress on this. Wishing you a productive week!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HVD + 1.

Wow. Hello.

It has been . . . ages, since my last post. I've been quite MIA from the blog world, due to the stuff that I'm currently doing. Well anyways, hope you had a great Valentine's yesterday - cause I did!

Spent the day, wisely, with my Boggie. It was surely a day. Went to his church's small fellowship of praise and worship, with his mommy, just before we had the nicest sushi dinner (yet). The orange rose that I got still perfectly decorates the buffet table downstairs.

Oh! Not to mention the roses that he gave to ALL of my family! Yes, he is a very sweet . . . sweetheart.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Went for a check to a site project today! Well . . . perhaps I'll share all the details that are related to my work/internship a bit later on, though. Ha ha! Anyways . . . I had the chance to visit a cute little stationery store in Taman Anggrek Mall - called ArtBox. The shop sells all kinds of stationery kits from Korea. Believe me, they are all cute!

I must admit, that I'm a stationery-addict since a kid . . . Buying, somehow, useless things that I see are cute would be one of my bad habits that I must let go . . . *sigh . . . But on second thought, I think most females do love collecting cute stationery and all those things . . . rigggghhttt?? Ha ha!

On top of that, bought some pens from Muji as well. And I guess it's time for me to keep updating my financial outcome. That is why I had the urge to buy this cute cash notebook. I should really need to saving some more money. . . for the future! *teehee!

Hope you're enjoying your week, cause I do!