Monday, July 23, 2012


So here it goes again. Me, unable to post some writings for the blog. So sad. It literally makes me lost in words. Oh well.

Anyways, have been doing lots of works, I'm telling you. Seriously. Aches here and there. I really need a good massage. And a lulur will help! Ha, ha! Oh how I miss home. I miss everyone back home! :( And of course, I do really miss my . . . wardrobe and shoes collection! Ha, ha! But it's true . . . (trying to cheer myself here, so bear with me for a while please?)

I am getting tanner, I guess. Well, not tan, scratch that. Burnt. Not good. The nose is tanner than the other face parts. Grrrr. Will I really would put extra sunscreen on the nose, just like those lifeguards by the beach? Oh why do I have to imagine Baywatch right about now? Ha!! I seriously need to pamper myself. But the question is . . . when? Blisters are decorating my feet. But oh well, I am sure these . . . experience (no, I don't want to use . . . negative words, ha ha) will bring a valuable outcome in the . . . near future!

I should really spend just a little time on this blog. Have been spending time at the . . . National Library! Yay! Fun! . . . . Not really though. I wanna go shopping!!! Oh, this reminds me! Can't wait till Kakung and Uti come and visit the city at the end of the week! Yay! Good food and good . . . clothes, AND SHOES, I'm guessing? *teehee*

Both are from River Island

So . . . what else . . . Oh, okay. Research. Currently doing a research on Kengo Kuma. And yes, I don't really like to bore you with some of his background and whatnots. But I guess I should say that he's one of the . . . best. In my humble opinion that is. Well, his pioneers as well though. Really love how he combines different materials to create not only for its aesthetics but also its functions. Oh how I wish I have great minds like brainy architects. Ha, ha!

Pics are from 1, 2, 3

Oh. Just found this work of his. I so wanna go to this Starbucks in Dazaifu, Japan. Super . . . wow-ing.

Images are from here

Oh well. I really wanna go to sleep right now and meet my man Boggie in the land of dreams, *teehee. But I guess I should continue MORE of my assignments. Have a great week!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


It's Sunday, and my night is accompanied by . . . a can of Campbell's soup and a dinner roll. Oh, plus some cream cheese with herbs. HA! Yes. I am currently alone. All my housemates aren't around. So . . . yeah. Seriously. I feel so . . . alone. And I'm trying all my best to keep my tears to stay in the position where it should. Ha, ha.

Plus, mommy just told me that every time my Kakung texts me, he literally cries. And he said that it's okay for me to be alone. So that I would learn to be independent. Alone. Oh, plus he told mommy that it's a valuable lesson to learn for me to get used to be alone, for the next step of my life. If you know what I mean, ha, ha.

Oh God, I miss my family back home right now. I miss my . . . bedroom - which I think the brother is invading the room. I miss all of those traditional homemade food. I MISS RAWON! Well, actually there are lots of things that I miss, but if I tell you one by one - trust me, you would think that I'm such a princess-y. HA HA!!

Oh well, despite all the things that I miss . . . I could face a whole new step in my relationship with my Boggie. And most importantly, I could deepen my relationship with my God!

Oh, oh, oh! Before I forgot, there are some last teenie-weenie bits that I'd like to share with you (that is if you're interested, ha!). Well, it's about yesterday. I went out with a couple of friends to the Marina Bay area, for some research study that we have to do for Commercial Design class. Anyways, after we did all the things that needed to be done . . . I remembered when I took a ride with a taxi, the driver told me that there will be some fireworks - with all the water and air show, in the bay area, on Saturday. Well, I don't know what was the occasion. But here's some pictures that I took with the phone. Yes. I was too lazy to operate the camera, ha ha.

Oh. The air show. It was really loud. Yes. We were standing right below those jets. Super loud indeed. But reminded me of my man, *teehee!

Well anyways, I have some assignments to do. And now, I'm accompanied by some fresh grapes that I've just bought. Plus, I really need to start and count my expenses.

Good night.

Oh, P.S - mind the few pictures. Not in the mood to post pictures.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was . . . extremely greaaaattt! I was really ecstatic and jumpy and all that. Really. Spent the Saturday with my man Boggie! Yay! It was supeeeeerrrr fun!! So, is it okay for me to share my happiness in this reading? *teehee

People usually spend the day from the sun rises till it sets, right? But for us, it was the other way around, on this particular day. A little information here, the sun rises in Singapore at around 7am and it sets at about 7.30 at night. So imagine yourself how amazing is that. Ha! Not really, I'm exaggerating. I sometimes lost track of time though. Oh well, where was I? Ah yes. The day. Oh. I'll start a new paragraph then . . .

Well, okay. I woke up very early on Saturday. It was still dark outside. Seemed it was like at 2am, is it 2am? I asked myself. No. It was 4ish. Had a quick run to the bathroom, cause my man will pick me up in a minutes time! Yay!

Okay, to make long story short. We spent the day by strolling around the country of Singapore (I'm not mimicking those beauty pageants who delivered it wrong, if you know what I mean, if not just skip this whole thing in this bracket - ha! This is real you know, Singapore is a city AND a country too. Ha ha!!). Had quite a long walk around the Esplanade, and watched the sunrise around the area. Oh! It was near the Singapore Flyer thingy, where there was a bench looking at the view of the bay. It makes you feel like you're not in Singapore, at all. Really. The scenery and the surroundings of that particular place made me feel like I'm in a blockbuster movie that was filmed in . . . New York or something (haven't been to NY before, so I don't know if it's true or not, ha ha).

Oh, we had a very late brunch before, so we then had a late lunch at the Gardens by the Bay, right after we strolled around the area. I think it's not that 100% complete, though. The gardens, I mean. I don't know if it's true or not, it's just my humble opinion.

The day was filled with lots of joy and laughter. Those unforgettable moments will be kept in my pocket of memories forever. Other than Jakarta and Bali, I couldn't really believe that we could actually get lost in a new city. Literally. We almost got lost. Had some confusion on the lanes of the MRT, ha.

An almost 12 hours spent with my Boggie wasn't really enough. Seriously. Seemed the whole world was ours. Cheesy? No, it's true. Really!! Especially when we were just the only ones in the middle of street. And hugged each other while waiting for the crossing light to change. Really. Wished the time could just stop. For a little while. But it surely felt, that time froze.

My man is the ultimate gift for me. A gift from our Lord Jesus Christ. God is so great, and His love endures forever! I will surely keep this plant of love from God, grows. I really can't wait for HIS plans towards me, us, and our future!

And by the way! A little something to end the reading . . . Found a cute little coin purse from Alphabet Bags in Rockstar right after church. This is one of my way to keep my B in my arms whenever and wherever I go.

I'm having a morning class tomorrow and I should get my beauty sleep right now. Goodnight and talk later!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Greetings from the land of the . . . er . . . Tigers? Is it? Or Lions? Hm . . . Oh well whatever. Singapore. I've been away from the laptop for quite some time, and I really miss my big mac back home :(

Singapore has been treating me . . . well enough. Have been strolling around Bugis, back and forth. Along the Riverside and around Holland Village. And yet, I have not been to Orchard for once. And yes, Singapore is not all about Orchard, people. (Well, this goes to . . . typical Jakartans who like to go and shop for some certain 'brands' that are already exist in Indonesia, ha! Well, you know what I mean, rrrighttt? - or so I hope). Well, scratch the 'for once' part, I had to go there on Sunday - and it was only for church, though.

Well, anyways . . . since mommy is still around, there's no 'homesick' or whatever. And yes, I hope there will be no homesick-ness affect me. After she'll go back home, the grands will come and visit me! So I guess . . . it would be fun! Well, it would be good eat-outs and shopping for me then. HA! Hm . . . what else to be shared . . .

First of all, since the company's blog is taking its first steps . . . I am also a . . . what should I say . . . contributing writer/blogger? Ha, oh well. I really appreciate and truly honored for the kind words of the description, that was written by the boss, ha ha! Well, you could go and click the blog, here. Only if you want, though - ha ha!

OH! And one last IMPORTANT thing! I really love how my Lord Jesus shows His love upon me. He always surprises me with His last-minute miracles, which makes me love Him more and more each day! By this, I am leaping in faith in every step of my life. I am so blessed, and I can't thank HIM enough. He really is my Mighty King and Savior!

I am now missing home. Really.