Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stuck in Love.

As I've been off, quite so long, from the blog world . . . I thought to myself that I have to come and keep my blog alive. Plus, I just need to increase my writing skills and also widen up my vocabulary - ha ha.

Well I think what motivated me was through the movie called "Stuck in Love" which I watched the other night. It's a really nice movie about . . . well not only love, second chances, but as well as family and also about writing. The dad, played by Greg Kinnear, was once a famous writer - when he and his wife got split up he just couldn't find his way back into writing. Meanwhile, their children were also writers, whom their parents had planted 'writing' in their lifestyle since little - each one of them with different characteristics of writing style, which reflects their own personalities.

More or less it's about that, and yadda yadda yadda. There's also Logan Lerman in the movie as well, ha ha (you know, the one who played in The Perks of Being a Wallflower oh and well known as Percy Jackson ha, ha).

Oh my. I think I need to bring my mojo back.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Have you ever feel that there are tons of things to do, but you just don't know where to start? Well, I'm in that phase right now. Oh well, perhaps the best thing to do is just to set aside all things and blog a bit *teehee!

Anyways, we have just finally announced our engagement :) It was on his birthday, the second of the month, and both of our family are more than happy to hear the good news! Well, please do mind that I haven't got the time to blog, on the exact day.

To tell you the truth, he proposed me on my birthday! Well, just a day after my birthday though, cause we were so tired after spending the whole day in the oceanarium, oh well, just count it as my birthday, ha ha! So anyways, therefore, to make it even, we had our engagement party on his birthday.

Speaking about the proposal . . . it was . . . so unexpected. We were strolling around Singapore's Marina Bay area, after church, were it was so breezy after a morning rain. The weather was so perfect. We sat down and the view of the bay was so serene. While we were sitting down along the bay, talks and laughs accompanied us, where then he said that he had prepared me a present. He had with him the whole time since the day before! All of a sudden, he knelt down and popped the big question.

There you go. More than I had in mind.

Since the beginning, we knew that the relationship is going towards the marriage boat, but a girl is still a girl. Hopes and imagination about her prince charming kneeling down, proposing her, is really what I wanted. Well yes, I'm a fairy-tale kind of girl, and I do really believe in happy endings. Especially if you put all your trust and faith in God :)

Keep on imagining your own fairy-tale, and keep believing that happy endings do come true! Me, I can't wait to start a new chapter of happiness!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

V&R Marriage.

Just found out that Viktor & Rolf have released their newest collection of bridal wear! Found it on their Facebook page here, thanks to Mas Johann. Well, these are just lovely. Simple fine lines, and cuttings. So pure and clean. Love love love.

But I think I would have to think twice if I wear this kind of thing for my wedding. Family, etc. you know. Ha ha ha.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hi! Have been off from the world of blog since, I don't know when. Well, now I'm back on track and hopefully can update this blog every now and then. Since I've finished my studies, I'm now lingering around the house and have some freelance work going on. I'm not that '9 to 5' kind of person, therefore I'm more into the 'work-from-home' kind of . . . designer? HA HA!

I'm currently doing some graphic design work, but then I miss all the interior brainstorming thingy going on. Well, my grandfather has asked me to revamp his messy workspace. Oh well, we'll see.

Anyways, I'm doing my best to stay fit and healthy in Jakarta. Since we have to go to places by car, therefore I kinda miss walking. Just had an early morning run with mommy. Well, with her by my side, I couldn't really run. I jogged. She was already exhausted when it was not only a block far, ha ha. Oh well, I should run by my own then.

Found a new app over on the app store, regarding photo editing! It's called Rhonna Designs - which I felt in love instantly! So pretty and it's already all-in-one. You can check her website here! Love her fonts and print designs, so chic-ly beautiful :)


Was so psyched then found myself occupied with all the basic edits that I did over breakfast, *teehee!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Guess what. I've just finished all my writing for this post just then, but I realized was in the HTML mode. Then I accidentally pressed Command + Z where it got all wiped out instantly. Why did I do that? I have no idea. Oh well, trying again from scratch.

I've been caught up, doing things for my finals. Therefore I couldn't get to touch my blog. Again. But oh well, I'm not writing this post for you to hear all the chatters about my finals. No. I'm writing this because today is my favorite couple (IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD)'s anniversary! For the 58th time. Wow.

I know I've been talking about my family, here and there, somewhere around the blog. But I just can't stop writing about them. They are my light and my inspiration (after my Lord Jesus Christ, *teehee).

I've been a fond of love stories. I LOVE love stories. Yes, I'm quite a mushy when watching or reading a romantic movie/novel. When it comes to real life, I think it just amazes me. 

My Kakung and Uti's marriage is a real inspiration for me. Where I could really learn about how love can grow constantly between two individuals, and I know 58 is a great number, therefore a real deal of commitment is needed. Their marriage also taught me things about true love. I'm so grateful that I can see that they both put their love and trust towards God, therefore the love of Christ flows through their marriage until now.

I know they have been through a LOT of rough roads and obstacles, but I can see that they are still keeping their love towards one another. Their days are not always filled with the lovey-dovey stuff, where nowadays, due to their hearing - they tend to . . . shout, towards one another. But within minutes, they can be all romantic again. Ha. They are funny.

My Kakung is very protective and so caring about my Uti. One time when he had to go to Singapore for only a day, he constantly asked me to call my Uti every . . . hour. He just wanted to check my Uti if she's home already or not. For the fifth time I called home, and yes - international roaming applied, yet she was still out having a luncheon with her friends - Kakung then said to me: "It's been hours and she's not home already? Your grandmother is crazy." Oh well. They are inseparable.

Had to text him today, where he was out having a game of golf with his friends - while Uti was still sleeping. Well that was mommy told me at about 9.30 am in the morning. I just had to greet him, and told him that I couldn't wait to see them still loving each other for another blessed years to come.
"Thanks a million, Sweetie. Looking forward to seeing you again. GBU. Kk."
Put me into tears. Really. Can't wait to make them proud when they see me in a graduation toga :")

Thursday, April 11, 2013


So, okay . . . Since I'm not doing anything at the moment, which I should though, I'm spending a wee bit of the time to blog. Yay! As I'm doing my final major studio project, it feels like I don't have an extra time to update the blog.

As what I believe in, our purpose in life is for God. All glory is for Him, and all the little things that happen in our lives are because of Him. Therefore, from what I've been longed to do and what I've been wanting to do is to worship and glorify Him through all of my works - I'll be designing a Christian Center for the youth. From all of the things that God gave to me, I'd like to dedicate and give my final and foremost important project to Him. 

Well, at first I wanted to design a church, but I've changed my mind and I know this is the wisdom from God, therefore I'll be designing a center which is for faith & character building in Christ. It creates a more complexed and broader design field, therefore it's where the challenge is.

Anyways, I have to stop writing because if I don't, I'll be procrastinating and forget all the drawings that I have to make, ha ha! Will be watching Olympus Has Fallen later on, wow right? HA HA!

Have a good day!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Anti Gravity.

Due to some circumstances, I am now spending another week in Jakarta. Well, I'll be back tomorrow, though, ha ha! Though assignment still goes on, I could managed my time quite easily to keep finishing my work, while still also spending my time wisely with my man, Boggie. Plus, have been doing some Power Swing or AntiGravity Yoga with the girlies! So here we go, will be 'defining' and somewhat 'reviewing' my point of view about this sport.

First thing's first. So what is it all about? It's some sort of yoga thingy, but it's not purely yoga - since we can actually define 'yoga' as wide or as narrow as we like. Anyways, in this AntiGravity Yoga, it's somewhat a mixed of Pilates, dance, and calisthenics. Good for the legs, abs, arms, and almost every part of the body. Since I've done some Pilates, doing this, for me, is quite easy - due to its similarity.

Well, the very core element aerial yoga trend is by the use of the hammock - which is hang and suspended in the air. This hammock supports the hips and there are a lot of variety of movements for the hips, legs, bums, abs, and arms. It surely offers a new way to cultivate strength and flexibility. Being able to crunch or doing sit-ups in the air is really hard. Believe me.


The girlies and I have been doing this AntiGravity, twice now - and we're hoping to have this as a routine exercise for all of us. Since I'm going back to Singapore again, sadly I couldn't join them for another session. Oh well, we'll see when I'm in town again, he he he.

By the way, I'm so proud and so excited for my man, Boggie! He'll be off for 9 days until he's back in Jakarta - as he'll be having the longest plane trip (for now!) Yay, Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam! Can't thank my Jesus enough for the blessings that He give :)


The post reminds me of Gravity by John Mayer. In a way. Oh well. Enjoy the rest of the day!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Happiness.

Guess it's time for another post, for the last of the month. Ha ha!! Well, anyways . . . I've been having the greatest time with my man, Boggie! The journey of our love gets more and more exciting, just like riding a roller coaster ride. I just can't really wait to spend all of my entire time with him!

He is the apple to my eyes. The stars to my darkest nights. The melodies to my songs. My rainbow after every rain :) Ooh! My happiness and of course, my happy ending *teehee! He is truly my prince charming, and my knight in shining armor. I really thank my Jesus, for planting the seeds of love towards us. The most important thing is, I really love my man because he loves HIM. Rooted in the love of God, our relationship is because of God, for God, and for His glory as well. Nothing more.

Having him is really a great blessing. I love him, not only as my beloved one, but he is really the best-est bud and partner, ever. Of course, the journey is not always smooth - but it's where the excitement is, and it's also where the process that we have to phase comes. We let every challenges come, for not only knowing more about each of our characteristics but as well as to keep holding our strong handle towards Jesus our Mighty God.

Having our own little adventure is just one of the things that we do. Went to places that we haven't been before, and trying to find our own way - with the help of GPS, ha ha! Oh, and yes, the world of aviation always excites me. Since we're together, we both are curious on each other's likes and interests.

Can't really put all of the things in my heart in words, he he. Guess this is how to end the post, he he. Can't really wait to see my prince to have another priceless quality time.

Rejoice and be delighted, cause Jesus has and is always alive! Have a great Sunday afternoon!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

What Happened?

Okay. It's time to blog. Again. My oh my. It's been ages, I know. I even had this urge to write, cause I was flicking and organizing through the images on the phone. Saw some pics about my blog, that seemed . . . so alive. Back in those days.

Then, since I'm lazy on this sort-of-gloomy Saturday afternoon in Jakarta, I just thought the brain needs to be functioned well. Plus, it's been a looooooooonnngggg time since my last post on the blog. Just need to . . . continue and pour my heart out. Ha!

What to write . . . Hm. Food? Okay. Well, had some yummy bites with the family during the stay in Jakarta. It's quite a bummer, since the invention of Path, I might say that I'm kinda lazy to take pics from the camera. Therefore, this laziness affects my blog writing as well. Ha ha, sorry.

Had a great time with the girlies the other day. Had some great chats, gossips, and laughs. Miss hanging out with them, and it always brings back good memories back in the junior high - and even through the primary years of our school time.

Okay. I'm really out of words right now, and Glenn Fredly's version of Malaikat Juga Tahu is really soothing. Makes me sleepy. Perhaps will hit the bed for a nap for a bit.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Burgers and Talks.

Had a really nice short holiday during last week, and yes I'm back in Singapore. Can't believe that it's only 4 more weeks (one month. YES, I repeat, one more month) till the term's finished! Wow. Time surely does fly so fast, eh?

So, what to write . . . Oh. Valentine's day! Let's get lovey-dovey here, please do mind. Anyways, we didn't had those 'romantic candle-light dinners' or what-so-ever. Neither do flowers or chocolates. Cause, hey, every day is valentine's day right? Well, it is to us though . . . *teehee

It was only the both of us, had Carl's Jr for dinner. Self karaoke-ing to Maroon 5's One More Night. Had a photo booth section. Oh here's a little something: we never had photo booth pictures. Ever. Since we were together. So it was pretty memorable :) Anyways, then we went to a fellowship where both sides' of our parents were there as well. Finished the day with hours of talk full of laughter and love.

What else . . . Oh! Well before valentine's day, my man Boggie bought me this lovely doff-textured orange case for my babymac! I really love the color and with my black and white case, it's so . . . cool. Ha! So it was some kind of a pre-valentine's gift I guess . . . *teehee. Oh, please do mind the phone, I just had to put it there cause I just love the combination. Ha ha!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Currently enjoying this short visit of mine to my home. Yay! Though I don't celebrate Chinese New Year, but hey . . . holidays for a week isn't so bad to go back, righttt?? Therefore, have been enjoying yummy food for the tummy for the past 2 days-ish.

Had a family gathering time, daddy's side, yesterday. Experienced the most . . . joyous yet entertaining flood moment! Really! It was my first on experiencing water comes inside a house. Oh, it wasn't that bad actually. Only about a centimeter, but it was surely fun cause my lovely nieces were so cute and lighted the whole house again! Imagine, cute little girls aged 5 and 7 doing the robot dance and all that! Oh and of course because Jesus' never ending love and peace of course :)

Couldn't imagine to those people whom houses are actually . . . drowned with water. Can't thank my Jesus enough.

Oh well. Haven't been doing my thesis for a long time, and oh my. Have to do so many reports and writings and oh my, I'll be having a 50% worth of design business & law, grrrr not actually a fan of those law/business/those that have to make me memorize things. Have been caught up with the new season of American Idol! Ha! Go check their YouTube here! They actually have some star quality peeps, you know.

But of course, last year's one was my favorite. Phil Phillips! Ha ha!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

So Fast.

This is just so sad. I feel so bad. Oh well, anyways . . . Will try my very best to keep this blog alive again. Been quite packed with my studies, since I'm doing my final thesis/project now. Oh wow. Haven't been on the internet to browse and whatnots for the past . . . how many months, I don't know. No, this is too exaggerating, ha!

These days went so fast, and it's just within countable days I'll be home! For a while, haha! Anyways, my Saturday night was accompanied by my man while he's away on duty. Well, you can't really see this, cause we were on FaceTime so it's a bit too small and a bit dark - cause he went to sleep already *teehee. Mind the mess, though.

Well anyways, found some little stuffs for the collection. These are my new iPhone case, and some little cute thingy for my wrist (read: bracelet). Planes. Yes. I have a particular interest in the world of aviation *teehee! And oh, yes. This sunnies that I found. Pretty cool, in my opinion. So then bought a pair as well. Mind the narcissistic photo, ha ha.

Can't really focus on blogging for this past few months - well I might say since I moved to Singapore for my studies. Things are happening so fast and days went by so quick. Therefore, my time for this lovely blog of mine *ha!* have been cut down. Big time.

Oh well. Goodnight!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Vitamin B.

Nothing to do. Well, actually I do though. Quite a lot. Ha. I've been staring blankly at the screen, browsing some ideas. Went on Instagram on the phone - which I also haven't been updating the stream quite a while. So then, I think to myself . . . "I should write".

So here I am. As I'm writing this, Adhitia Sofyan's Dark Side is playing in the background. Seems so . . . sad. Ha! I'm having pins & needles on my wrist for the whole day! Can you imagine. I think I spent too much on writing on the computer, phone, yadda yadda yadda, lack of vitamin B - they say. Well I say, I'm in need of vitamin B...oggie! *teehee

Back to the point. I've googled some, and there's this horrible picture came out. Which shocked me, really. They literally showed the operation of one's hand, cause there's something wrong with the nerve system. 

It's called : carpal tunnel syndrome. Oh wow. I just believe in the name of my mighty Jesus, my hand is a-okay by tomorrow I wake up.


Monday, January 7, 2013


Back in Singapore, and I admit . . . it has only been a night of sleeping - and it's kinda boring already. Nothing to do. Really. This term is really a laid-back one. Theory, reading, and writing. Oh my . . . What to do for the 4 free days in a week? I just wish that I'm allowed to go back and forth to Jakarta on the weekends! Ha, ha!

So . . . Nothing to do, righhhttttt? Therefore, what I did was decorating my cheery calendar and planner. That is after I did my exercises. And my salad dinner. Ha.


Oh well . . . Miss home already, but I know that I'll be home SOON! Oh, and yes, this links to . . . the graduation - which is . . . SO VERY SOON!!! I really miss the family back home. Plus, listening to the voicenotes on my phone brings back sweet memories. We were singing "Stop This Train" by John Mayer, and I miss my Boggie so much right now. Seriously.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It's a brand new year already. Can't really believe that time flies so fast. Anyways, some people may believe that the number 13 is unlucky or whatever, but I don't believe in those things. All numbers are good and have its special favor & blessings from the Lord. 13. A new beginning.

Had a great year of 2012 back then, though there were ups and downs here and there, but I just can't really wait to start the new year of 2013 full of excitement filled with God's unmerited favor & blessings. Will be having interesting and exciting plans to come - all are being put in His hands.

Perhaps this post will be filled with lots of writings, and perhaps it may bore you. Oh well, I just need to make this blog alive again. 55 posts in a year is really is . . . . urgh, can't think of a word to explain this embarrassment and pity-ness (if there's such a word, ha!).

ANYWAYS . . . it's not a coincidence that today's our 13-monthsarry! Yay! Had a church time with both of our families. So happy. Really. Not to mention about how we had a small and casual NYE dinner at home. Such a really sweet moment :")


Can't wait to start the adventure of this new 365-paged blank book of this journey in my life! Have a great YEAR ahead, from my man and I :)