Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Confusing Me.

Black. Dull. Empty.

Yes. I am feeling lonely. It seems like I don't have anyone to share stories with.
Yes. I feel alone. I have no shoulder to cry on.
I barely don't have anything to do.
It seems like all I do is just a routine thing that I do over and over again.
For days. For weeks. For months, and yes, for years.

What is life?
Oh god, I am questioning myself a question which I don't know exactly how to tell the answer.
Life. Is. Complicated. I guess.
Well, you have your ups and downs. Your happy times, as well as your mellow times - just like what I'm feeling right now.

Maybe it's just because my monthly 'thing' will occur soon.
It's just the way I am?
Am I mellow?

Okay. I'm seriously talking to myself right now. And this is such a useless post. I guess.

Oh well.


  1. u r normal. zz!
    u have a friend in me!
    n God always listens

  2. thankyouuu!
    yes i was in a very mellow moment -_-