Friday, January 28, 2011

The Cause of Heavy Workloads.

Ideas. Sketches. Tired.
This is what she does in the middle of the night.



Thursday, January 27, 2011

What a Day.

Had a visit to the Japanese Design Today 100, that was held by The Japan Foundation - Jakarta which was located in Galeri Nasional Indonesia. The exhibition was very inspiring for me, since my office studio assignment is about a Japanese design studio. It reflects so much about Japan - clean and minimal. Had some favorites which I think are very innovative and I would like to have them.

And oh, the bathroom is on its way to its finish line! Although the workers had a little misunderstanding about the tiles, which was supposed to be the green mozaics for the shower area - but oh well, lessons are there for us, so that we won't make the same mistake.

Before I forgot, one of my drawing's being featured in the institute's 2011 calendar! And I guess they've misspelled "calendar" HA HA :D

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Come Fly With Me.

I'd like to share my findings during the escape. I don't know why I'm now loving birds. There are birds everywhere in the room. As well in my assignments. Those cute little creatures somewhat inspire me, and I don't know how the heck they could come and fly around my brain.

And yes, I did a small research on birds. I Wikipedia-ed "bird" and found amazing things about the creature's behaviors, ancestors, and all those whatnots. I may say, I am a reader (and this surely is leading to an unrelated topic and I should finish the sentence by now).

Oh well, anyways.... Look at these lovely lanterns that are worth about 10 bucks. The white strings from the fairy lights were disturbing me, cause it was too pale. Experimented some stuff. With cutouts and leftover batiks :)

Frank Sinatra's "Come Fly With Me" is stuck on my head. And I am procrastinating and I SHOULD go back to work. Wish me luck to not flicking through Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven.

Long Time No Talk.


It has been a loooooongggg time since I last blogged. Caught up with workloads, that are heavyyyyyyyy. My filofax is now filled with schedules and assignments due dates for most pages. But nevertheless, Singapore was nice. It was sure an exciting weekend getaway. And now, mostly everyday, I'm just working my bum off for the office project THAT IS DUE IN 3 WEEKS TIME. OMG. And this is the time when you should wish me luck and pray endlessly for me. Thank you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


It seems hard to not NOT buy a new pair of shoes when I saw one, especially if its really 'so-me'. As a shoe lover, I love hunting new shoes and of course try some - even if in the end I didn't actually buy it. I'm still waiting for a pair of my UP wedges to arrive at the door, but my eyes are drooling over these lovely pairs from Anthropologie.

Anthropologie simply makes one of my favorite shops, just because of my first impression on their shoes. And I'm loving their feisty works.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It has been pretty hectic during the past 3 days of the new week. Had some problems with the on-going bathroom renovation. Had some deals and negotiation with some new people for the batik production - as well as buyers. Dug quite a deep hole of my brain for new designs and of course my office project. Got 5 concepts for the assignment and I hope to have a productive day tomorrow at class.

Concept 1 - Hippie Scandies.
Or Birdies.
I dunno.

Bought a new Tulisan cushion for the room, and I'm too tired to transfer the photo from my EOS. Perhaps later. I've been having backaches and a minor flu that's really bugging me. And I still need to pack.

Catching a flight to Singapore tomorrow! I'll talk to you all very soon. Goodnight everyone.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Polkas & Yellows.

Today started by a panic attack. Woke up just half an hour before the class started, and today was the submission day for our first assignment on Design Studio. Presentation it was. Went through it all without a problem. And our next assignment is to design an office space based on the college's reception + library and teacher's room. Due in 5 more weeks. Oh wow. I'm welcoming my panda eyes to color my face again I suppose.

Oh well. Anyways, I was thrilled to actually see my name card. Physically. Ordered from and they offered a really great deal with high quality of paper and printing. Thanks to Diana Rikasari to post a reference of this great website on her blog. Twice I assume. I am sure will gonna order name cards from the website, from now on :)

Got some new batiks arriving at home. And of course bags. I am now loving the color yellow. And believe me, these batiks that you're seeing below are only some. I've got more in the other 3 boxes downstairs.