Thursday, July 11, 2013

V&R Marriage.

Just found out that Viktor & Rolf have released their newest collection of bridal wear! Found it on their Facebook page here, thanks to Mas Johann. Well, these are just lovely. Simple fine lines, and cuttings. So pure and clean. Love love love.

But I think I would have to think twice if I wear this kind of thing for my wedding. Family, etc. you know. Ha ha ha.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hi! Have been off from the world of blog since, I don't know when. Well, now I'm back on track and hopefully can update this blog every now and then. Since I've finished my studies, I'm now lingering around the house and have some freelance work going on. I'm not that '9 to 5' kind of person, therefore I'm more into the 'work-from-home' kind of . . . designer? HA HA!

I'm currently doing some graphic design work, but then I miss all the interior brainstorming thingy going on. Well, my grandfather has asked me to revamp his messy workspace. Oh well, we'll see.

Anyways, I'm doing my best to stay fit and healthy in Jakarta. Since we have to go to places by car, therefore I kinda miss walking. Just had an early morning run with mommy. Well, with her by my side, I couldn't really run. I jogged. She was already exhausted when it was not only a block far, ha ha. Oh well, I should run by my own then.

Found a new app over on the app store, regarding photo editing! It's called Rhonna Designs - which I felt in love instantly! So pretty and it's already all-in-one. You can check her website here! Love her fonts and print designs, so chic-ly beautiful :)


Was so psyched then found myself occupied with all the basic edits that I did over breakfast, *teehee!