Friday, December 31, 2010


Full of surprises. There are so many unforgettable moments this year. There are ups and downs. Happy moments, as well as bitterness blues. Well they say, life is like a rotating wheel. I am very thankful to God that I could actually finish the year full of joy and happiness, plus the fact that He still gives me this oxygen to breathe to up till now. I love Him so much.

  • First year in Raffles Design Institute, Jakarta. That means it's only a year ahead to finish the studies in here, then I'm off to finish my Bachelor's degree. Wish me luck! Yay!
  • Renovated the room!
  • Finally knew how to play pool!
  • Turned 18! And got the best gift ever, and it was spending quality time with friends in Bali. And yes, it was my very first getaway with friends - not school related. And as you all know, Bali + friends = heaven? Yeeeeepp.
  • Had another getaway to Shanghai. This time it was with my uni. And got the chance to actually see the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Supeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr cooooool!

  • Got the chance to see my Kakung (grandfather) in his 'mighty' uniform again. I love seeing him so happy with Uti (grandmother) in their golden olden days. I love them so much. Even in their most annoying times :') - p.s. not to mention an actual eye-to-eye moment with the 'mighty man' himself. Yes, I was very nervous but oh well, it was a great pleasure to serve him.

  • Had some great meet-ups with my junior high friends! :) But not to mention the farewells :(

  • Finally met Mas Johann after 2 years of separation (HAHA!). It was great to actually meet him in person, and also spending time just the 3 of us. Although it was a very quick moment, I had a really great time with the 2 of them. And now we are all in different parts of the world, but I know we'll reunite again in no time :') And of course, family photos! Yes, this is somewhat gay to my brothers' eyes - but hey, it was a great moment to actually have us ALL TOGETHER :D

  • Football Crazy once again. Perhaps it was all started with helping Mas Johann on his final project. Then came this AFF Suzuki Cup with those good looking guys. My oh my.

  • Got a brand new babymac to fill in my room - but had a really hard time to let go of my babygoldie. Say hello to babynyx. My new Onyx 2.
Okay, these are ONLY SOME of the major things that happened in my life throughout this year. It'll be a long post if I put it all here. Anyways, enjoy the last hours of 20

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Bites on the Cheesecakes.

On the 29th, we had a quite long quality time together. After the Sundanese food, we then had the cheesecake fiesta. It was the 2nd leg of the AFF's finals, and we planned to watch it together with others. But there were some change of plans. Decided to go to Iniko Toys Cafe, but the whole cafe was FULLY booked for "Nobar" (Nonton Bareng, which literally means - watching together). Anyway, got ourselves lingering around Ulli's house to end the day.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It's unbelievable how time could actually went by so fast. It seems like it was just yesterday that we just celebrated the new years. And now, a brand new year is facing us again. Oh wow. And I can't believe that it's already a year that I started my university. One more year, and I'm off to Singapore to get my Bachelor's degree.

There are loads of memories that happened this year. But I'm not in the mood to list it all out. Ha ha ha.

Oh! How do you react when people thinks that you and your brother is a couple? Like literally girlfriend-and-boyfriend type. OMG.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twenty Five.

Yesterday was simply a very looooooooooong and tiring day, not to mention I was being the photographer...but it was filled with all the joy and happiness from family and friends that were gathered around at the house. What I love about Christmas time is that I could enjoy all the great food. Cakes. Cookies. And all the others. For free! (Hahaha!)

Anyways, to share happiness around with others is a great feeling. And I was really glad to see my Kakung (grandfather), being the man of the day, looked so happy being gathered with all his friends and of course got full attention by 'the mighty man' - which I could say... Mr. E. Yes, I think Mr. E is a really great and humble man. He does really care about Kakung, I guess.

Kayla, the assistant photographer.

Oh well, let's finish all the talk. There's Malaysia vs Indonesia for the first leg of the AFF final in front of me now, via TV. I guess I'll get back on this a bit later? ;)