Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stuff That Happened.


Long time no . . . . talk, indeed. I've been SUPER BUSY lately and I do really apologize for the whole MIA thing going on, and not posting some new posts or whatever. Well, I hope you're still a fan of my blog . . . HA!

I've been caught up doing my final work for the Institute, all of the final presentation and report that have to be done. Oh by the way, tomorrow I'll be submitting my 153-paged final report - please do pray for me *teehee! Well . . . I would surely love to share an online-version of my report in here (cause it's really cheery and happy and reflects me as a designer - not bragging here, but true. Ha, ha!!!), but the web is toooooo broad and I just don't want to spill my works that easy (you know, privacy kind of stuff, and as well as plagiarism and yadda yadda yadda). Well, I'll think of something, though.

A lot of stuff happened during the past few weeks, and I just miss . . . shopping. YES. I really want to buy a new pair of shoes. . . like, pronto!!! Had a nice lunch with mommy at our usual Bakerzin and finished off with a lovely strawberry soufflé (new menu - worth to try!)

Anyways, after the whole eatery, we went and looked around some shops. Have been alluring to buy . . . SOMETHING (just like the blog's name, HA!). Well, as I'm a diehard shoe-fan, I've been browsing around some shops to buy some new ones for the collection. As time went by . . . I ended up empty handed, cause there were too many choices to pick from! Ha, ha!

Just look at these babies . . . . they're so flirty and I just can't resist. It'll be lovely if these babies magically poofs right in front of my front door!

Shoes are from: Anthropologie, Steve Madden, Zara, Steve Madden found at Nasty Gal, and my most favorite local shoe brand - UP Shoes.

Wow. I'm putting all of these stuff under one post . . . and I've just realized I think this is my very first post with the largest number of labels to be classified. Ha, ha. Oh well, have a great night!

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