Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Head Start.

Even though personally I don't celebrate Ramadhan, I was confused with the government's decision on deciding the exact date for the celebration. Although the government decided that it was supposed to be on the 31st, some of my relatives already celebrate it today. And yes, I was pretty surprised that there were only 4 countries who decided to celebrate Ramadhan on the 31st. Hm . . .

Anyways, it was such a great feeling to be surrounded with relatives. Especially the fact that I get to meet my nieces and nephews! And I love playing around with them!

Had a chance to meet with a cousin of mine who's living in Abu Dhabi, due to her husband's pilot job for Etihad. And I was amazed on how her kids grew so fast! The last time I met them, was when they were so little! And now the eldest is already an 8th grader! Time flies. Bryan, the youngest one, was being so shy and . . . flirty, I guess. He came up to me and asked how old am I - and he asked to get a photo with me. Haha, such a cute boy.

And of course, dress up is a must! But most importantly is to be YOU. And this is how I express my personality today. Ha, ha!

H&M over-sized white shirt, Monki padded tights, mom's Aigner sling bag, Cafe Moda wedges.

Cheers and happy feasting!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

At Last!

Had a small meet-up with Vanessa and Alia, good friends of mine since the juniors. It was only just the three of us yet I guess it was the highlight of the week, haha! I've been out of touch with my friends since . . . I don't know, since my work loads are piling up, perhaps? Oh, and since I'm in my last Design Studio course - which makes me to think . . . deeper? Ha!

Anyways, had a really nice time with the girls (ha, "the girls" - cheesy? I know). Shared a cup of hot green tea latte accompanied with a lot of stories, had a short shopping time together, and had a late-night munchies at Roti Bakar Edi. And at last I had a chance to gave them my the gifts that I got from the Europescape.

I miss my friends. And I hate my busy-ness :(

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Short Break.

At last, it's time for me to have a short break. This means . . . waking up late and lingering around the house. I wish I could wake up late, though. Cause since I've been working part time, I tend to wake up before 8am. And this includes weekend *sigh*

Oh and yes, I've turned down an offer from the family who asked me to joined for a short trip to Singapore. Yes, I know . . . I'm weird. A short break for me still includes a massive workload from the Institute. Well, because this is my last chance to show what I can do to put 'em on my portfolio later on, I need to work hard . . . er. And a short break for me ALSO includes . . . more time on blogging! Yay!

Had a nice & fattening dinner last night at Satoo with the family. Had some foodgasm attack.

Wishing you a nice week ahead! And Happy Ramadhan for those of you who celebrate!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Didn't had the chance to put an info about this one-click virtual shopping site! It's called BliBli.com and I found their sort of installation when I was passing by during a stroll in Grand Indonesia. The site, in my opinion, sells almost everything that you need. From clothing, home products, and even electronic gadgets! And for the rest of this year, the site offers a free shipping cost! As an online shopper, having to see a complete set of virtual store surely does tempting. Especially when there are juicy cameras and addictive iPads. Ha, ha.

And speaking of online shops, I'm currently addicted to Cotton Ink's newest collection, Earth. The nude/tan colors are so soft and calming, and so I can't help myself to purchase their Brown-Cyan Newton Bag! *teehee*

Oh! Almost forgot. Having a big signage in front of the campus really makes me curious of this shoe line. Kalika is a newbie in the world of shoes. The founders are our very own senior students of the Institute. The mini collection that has been launched were inspired by Indonesian heritage. The label's mission are to uphold, preserve, and be proud of our own heritage. As a shoe lover, I actually fancy them :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Red, White, and Pannacotta.

Actually, I'm writing this while I'm doing the assignment on the other laptop. It takes so much time to load an CAD file on my laptop, so therefore . . . to actually 'use' the time, I decided to share a post with you all, virtual readers!

Since today is the 17th of August, my beloved country Indonesia celebrates its 66th years of independence today. I've decided to wear something red and white, to represent the national flag's colors. Got the cute red chinos from River Island and my pair of Pandora Sailor from UP Shoes.

Oh, and a little bit something-something to share. I'm currently in love with this Filipino guy, AJ Rafael. His music is heaven! And I'm currently addicted to this song!

Goodnight! And here's some mouthwatering Pannacotta of red & white to end the day :D

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Plush Plum.

My Monday went through a happy road! Let me clear thing's first, I'm not going to brag here. But I just want to share a little something-something. And it's all because of my Lord, Jesus Christ. And it's all for His Mighty Glory!

The fact that the class was a very chill class, I got a very pleasing result & feedback for my last assessment! To gain an A in a Design Studio class is surely quite difficult, oh yes and I'm proud. That was the first A- ever in my history of attending Design Studio classes. Well, I've had A's in doing researches, which was a part in the course, but OMG, this was the end result, you know. And the fact that I'm doing my last Design Studio, this brings a lot of impact to my last transcript later on!

Anyways, moving on . . . Today, I've started to help my friend's sister on doing her last assessment - doing some sort of movie. Some Multimedia Design kinda stuff, which I don't really know. Ha, ha. It's a real pleasure to help others, you know.

And oh, the most excitement of the day was the fact that my newest pair of UP shoes finally arrived! I really can't wait to get my baby Stella plum on the road!

And oh, a random thought occur. I think the pinky bird of UP is super cute, it should have a name! Hihihihi.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Finished making the concepts for my last Design Studio course. I couldn't think of any catchy name for my second concept, though. Really? "Industrialized Grunge"? Err . . . It sounds so . . . lame.

Will open my ears to any suggestions of a name!

Hope you all have a great week! Cause I spent mine by lazying around the house. Which has its own . . . satisfaction. Oh! Loving this Bruno's version of Lazy Song!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Didn't had the chance to talked about the visit I made to MetroTV, regarding our last project on Exhibition Design, is to design 2 TV set shows. Yes. It was so cool. I'm telling you, it's like when you're watching movies like . . . . The Ugly Truth, Morning Glory, or even Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy! I do have a certain . . . . fetish, on working at big offices that has many divisions. Yes, especially with . . . . uniforms that are your 'pride', you know? Ha!

As now I'm working in a small yet cozy office, I do really want to have an experience working in a big office. Especially in companies that are depending more on their 'creativity', the ones that the employees aren't being boxed in stupid cubicles - yes, that includes working in a magazine! (Yes, working in a magazine is my deepest dream of all) Oh! I really do want to work in offices that are similar to Facebook's Headquarter. Or Skype. Or AOL. Ha, ha!

Oh well, the green screens (or rooms, is it?) are awesome. Met some brilliant anchors around the studio. Which was . . . wow! They really greet us just like they greet the viewers on TV! Ha, ha! I know you may think I'm lame, but it was surely interesting!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've been so blessed with what I have been through during the week. And I just can't help thanking Him! There are so many projects that I need to finish and help, and I believe that He always got my back.

Looking for inspiration, and found these lovable little things for the babes. These are instant loves.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little Bits.

I want to post up a newbie on the blog, but it's just that I don't have anything to say. Well . . . Changed the bed, though (like you even care, ha ha!) . . . But I think I need to make a custom bed frame or something, cause it's now becoming too low, and it's not very ergonomic (yes, I'm going to use design phrases from now on). Going to design in perhaps this week so that by next week I could send the drawings to my uncle in . . . somewhere around Central Java - who apparently is a furniture designer and have his own workshop and stuff. Yes, I have many relatives who are working in the design world. And I love it.

Oh well. I need to do another moodboard for the second TV show set design. The 'garage' slash 'grunge' thing. And oh! Work has been fun. Well, I've learned quite a lot - the how to's and the what-nots.

Good night.

Monday, August 8, 2011


So . . . I just think I need more time to sleep. I've been having extra afternoon sleeps, yet I guess it's not enough. I'll be starting my part-time job tomorrow and guess I should be more focus on time management, and yadda yadda yadda.

Well, to keep me happy for a while, I've been developing ideas for my final project. Yes, can you imagine this? The term "happy" for me is this . . . developing cheerful ideas that is "so me". Ha, so pathetic and got no life? Yes, I'm not shy to admit it. Haha.

Going to design a 'creative' and 'cheery' Post-Modernism/Memphis style talk show. And perhaps an industrialized/garage thing for a live music TV set show, which I haven't make the color board yet. Yay. Fun.

Ha, ha!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Minimalist Mind.

I guess this minimalism still stucks on my mind. These edgy bits are just drooling. I just want those little cement earrings by Metsa! And these lovely space-themed rings! And yes, the shoes! My oh my . . .

Friday, August 5, 2011

Turned Left.

Whoa. It's been long enough since my last post - and tomorrow's the weekend already! I just can't imagine how time flies so fast. Hm . . .

Anyways, at last my 'almost final project' safely landed, though there was some minor turbulence here and there. Monochrome and minimalism weren't really my thing, I just wanted to do something different. To think outside the box. To turn left for a while. Ha!

Oh yes for the record, I don't like to post my works - cause you know, the Internet is a wild thing and there could be some things you don't want to happen, happened. Well, it's just the mood board though . . . but since the whole theme was 'to be different' and all - today's an exception, I guess.

I've been so caught up with work and of course, having the whitey iPhone as my new baby, I've been very active on Instagram. Oh yes, I've told this on the last post, but oh well. And yes, I'll be having some part-time job at a design studio where I could gain deeper information and experience in the world of design. And all its whatnots.

Hope you all a very nice weekend ahead! Will try to write some interesting post ahead during the weekend!

Monday, August 1, 2011


So . . . Hello! It's the month of August already! Time surely flies! I've been caught up with so many works to do, therefore I didn't had a bit of time to keep updating the blog. I also don't have that much of a topic to discuss. Yet.

Anyways, I've been quite eager with Instagram for the couple of weeks. Therefore . . . I spiced up a little bit of the blog. Well, if you have an account on Instagram, please do take a peek of my pictures! *teehee* Well if you don't, you could take a look at your right sidebar of the screen, the one that's beside the twitter logo . . . That's by far my favorite picture on my Instagram!

I guess I should continue my so-called 'almost final project' ha ha! It's due on Thursday! Wish me luck! Especially for the 3Ds Max! (Yes, I've been enjoying using Google SketchUp for my previous works, but then I thought to myself . . . why not do something different? So yeah, I guess it's a mistake cause I forgot most of the how-to's of it! Ha ha! Oh well . . . Let's go!)