Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 1.

So. . . it was a very tiring flight. Stopped over at Dubai for only an hour, and thank goodness that I had the two seats for my own. Didn't get enough sleep, and so I slept the whole noon. Woke up at 16.00 (GMT +1) and don't know what to do.

Perhaps I'll just wander around the neighborhood, cause seriously, I don't think I have the urge to wander around. Just now.

Oh well, here's the preview of the loft/studio. Solid teak wood for the flooring. Few bold accents on the chairs and a few other finishes. Oh man, I love Scandinavian looks. But perhaps, I think I need to clear things up in here. And please meet Socks. There right there, sitting on the sofa, haha!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forget Jakarta.

Will be wandering around Europe. Alone. 10 days of new experience and excitement! Will be trying to update the blog when I could get a laptop with an internet connection. Toodles!

Current song: Forget Jakarta, by Adhitia Sofyan.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Minus 2 and Matryoshka.

Had to buy those little things for the trip cause it's just 2 more days to go. Gasp gasp! Very excited! Anyways, had a nice beef teriyaki lunch at Pand'Or with the folks.

And oh! Mommy insisted me to have another phone - which is not a 'so-called' smartphones, the ones that we have to use it for phone somebody. I've been sort of a fan of this cute square-shaped X5 from Nokia. I liked the violet and green better than the pink one, but they say that the standards are the blue, pink and grey - and it's not easy to find the greens nor the violets one. Oh well, am I turning into a girly-girl nowadays? Hm. . .

And please take a look at what I bought for my Uti on her birthday! A very cute Matryoshka that I personally love and hoped I had another one for my own - to spice the room a little bit *teehee* As my Uti loves to collect dolls from all over the world, I guess this could fill up one of her doll storage - though I guess she already have a pair of this, but oh well, this is too cute to be missed!

It was on a bazaar in Gandaria City that I found this lovable stand that sells many kinds of Matryoshka - as well as other Russian thingy-s, ha ha! Oh well, can't wait to wait until they actually have their own store on August! Oh, and I'm sorry if the following explanation of 'what is Matryoshka' is in Indonesian, but hey . . . you could always google it ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Graceful Weekend.

So. . . had a great Friday yesterday. Our Father in Heaven blessed my Uti for still giving her extra strength for her to turned into the age of 82, yesterday. Had a little lunch-out at Gourmet World (formerly Gourmet Garage) just within the 'inner-family' to give thanks to our Lord.

And I had the chance to have dinner and sharing long talks with Bogster (a.k.a Boggie) to finish the day, hihihi.

Oh, had a little family fellowship/gathering today. Well you know, family gatherings tend to have great food. Therefore, I was bloated. Well, I am bloated - up till now.

I'm enjoying the weekend and I hope you all have a great one as well! And I don't know what's wrong with the mobile version of the blog. I so wish this can be viewed from mobiles. Oh well . . .

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I was flicking through the internet and found bloggers that wrote their reasons of writing their blogs - and I got motivated to write one of my own. So here it goes . . . Kezia Angelica's reasons of writing this blog . . .

  1. Daydreaming and imagining things are what I do most of the time. It surely does help me to dig my brain a little deeper, and what do I do to record it? I write it down. Therefore, since I was little . . . writing andlearning new words are what I love to do. Oh. Childhood dream? To be a successful Editor in Chief in some fashion/design magazine.

  2. As I also love to shop, eat, and find new things around the city (or VIRTUALLY around the world), I’d like to share such information that may help any of you who are . . . an internet savvy as I am? Ha ha!

  3. I surely want people to know me. Who doesn't, right? Hereby, I'm telling you a real secret . . . I am shy at times, and my main aim was to get people to know me and have the most hits out of the blog-world. But I was so naive back then, wants to gain popularity - such and such, yadda yadda yadda, and so . . . I guess this isn't really worth to be put on the list? But oh well, I'm trying to be honest with you, who-ever-reading-this.

  4. Helping each other is more than a gold's worth. I surely do hope that I could be a real helping hand for you, in any ways, by writing this blog.

  5. Last but not least, writing a blog does bring its own joy and happiness for me. Therefore, I wish it brings YOU that certain glee as well.


I've been dying to have a new pair of clogs, a strapped one. And so, purchased a violet clogs from Kloom this week.

And this navy jelly heels that I found when I was strolling around Blok M Plaza. Can't really help to say no, cause it was on sale as well, haha! A great find and of course a great investment, you know :D

Can't wait to wear these new babes. And I gotta start packing by now - cause. . . tick-tock on the clock. Talk later!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Holiday is Starting.

Had a nice lazy day. Haha! Started the day at half past 10-ish, flicked through the net for quite a while, and then lingering at the house. Got the urge to drop by a little present for my lovely nephew, cause he had his birthday yesterday. A chat with my cousin, and finished the day at Soerabi Bandung Enhaii.

Loved the bubur ayam, and tried the fattiness keju special soerabi. Oh fyi, check this out if you want to know what is 'soerabi' - I'm too lazy to describe it, haha! And yeah, the place provides variety of food which surely will not going to rip your wallet out. Seriously. Should try.

Sweet Sunday.

Had a nice family outing with the family and I realized that I miss the appearance of my brother around. Oh well, just count the days and we'll reunite again! Yeay! Anyways, tried QQ Kopitiam with mommy and daddy for our tea-time and it was nice. Though the teh tarik and kaya toast were a bit too sweet for me, but the whole concept of the restaurant - with its interior and all. . . was nice.

And yeah, mommy had a lovestruck with Kamali - a very nice exotic local brand which provides bags and stuff from exquisite snake and lizard skins. Got myself a nice traveling wallet :D

Saturday, June 18, 2011

One of a Kind.

What to blog. . . What to blog. . . What to blog. . . ?! Despite the fact that I was the weekend driver for the family and lazying around the house isn't that much of an interesting topic to write about. Hm. . . I'd really like to make a post of only words and I'm trying to think about what to write.

Oh well, so here it goes. Have you ever think about "what would you be if you're not you?" Gah. It's such an off-topic and so much of a 'deep-thinking' material that I'm trying to dig my brain to. Well, I just had my family gathering and I've been talking about why people are trying to 'compete' within each other in a family, the whole big family that is. And my folks said, it's already the nature of being a human being. You know, trying to make other people envy of you. To think that you aren't good as them. To be. . . the number one. Ha.

Have you ever payed attention about how people are trying to make jealous of each other? And I seriously don't know why. Perhaps because they are hungry of. . . praises? And. . . I don't know, there are lots of yadda yadda yaddas.

It's a good thing, you know, if you want to be different. You could be different without having these silly 'competitions'. Being different is simply. . . being you. Without copying others. Without TRYING to be others. Just be who you really are. And that's what makes you, you. A unique you. A one-of-a-kind you.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Holiday it is. It's time for long sleeps, updates on the blog, and of course online shopping. Hm . . . Scratch that. I do online shopping whenever I like. So . . . perhaps pampering myself is the word. Ha! Had a nice, long, about 3 and a half hour at the salon. Had a creambath session, with hot stones massages on the back, neck, hands, and feet! And yes, I cut my hair. I guess shorter hair looks more fresh? (Yes, I'm trying to cheer myself up because I didn't realize that I seriously cut the hair off and thought that 7cm wasn't this much, ha-ha).

Oh well, another one and a half year from now, my hair will be long again. Cheers!

Oh and by the way, planning to buy one of these from Mayonette. Any suggestions?

Monday, June 13, 2011

An Extra Hour Could Help.

I've been doing things lately - and it's getting hectic around here. It's my final week and I got loads to complete. Not to mention about the so-called 'silent operation' that I'm planning, I need to get the documents done and hand it in - by Wednesday morning, which is the same day as my final presentation for my Furniture History class. Yes. I am so . . . terrified? But of course I know that my God will help me. In everything. I just have to . . . do my part. But I just can't help it. Oh, yes I'm literally in tears right now. Ha.

Oh well, gotta get back to work, cause . . . tick tock on the clock! Goodnight.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Week Left.

Almost the end of the term and it's getting pretty hectic, as usual. And there's a sudden strike of 'laziness-attack' - which is . . . not good. I need to stop procrastinating. Loads to be done. Continuing tomorrow, no extra energy left.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Day Plus One.

Had the loveliest birthday this year, surrounded with beloved family & friends. I am so grateful to my G-O-D for giving me limitless oxygen to breathe, up till now. And also for the unexpected surprises that He gave me. Since this is the last year for me to have a '1' as a starter, I guess it's better for me to . . . really enjoy life. And planning my life ahead for the upcoming years, haha!

Anyways, had a little lunch with my Matchamooners at Iniko Toys Cafe. Then finished the day off at de Luca with the family.