Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goodbye, October.

I had to pick what I want, so I gave him some options to pick - cause I simply can't resist all of these. I don't know which one he chose, but I'm guessing it's one of these. Can't simply wait for it to come! Nyahhhh, I love him :) If you're interested with these kind of style, click this! to see their other delightful collections.

For food, this week's craving was:

Cold Stone ice cream. Yes. I finally had one last night. It was mint with graham crackers. And yeah, can't resist to have a taro mint froyo from Sour Sally today, so I had one. With strawberries, kiwis, and oreos. It was my first try to actually eat a froyo with some oreos. It was oh-so-delicious. Love love love!

A hair salon is like a heaven on earth for most women. I'm so one of them. Yes, I spent the last day of the month by pampering myself to go to one. Had a hair spa, topped with a beautiful blow dry + a little cut on the fringe.

And so, I hope your last day of the month was very exciting as well. I'll see you next month. November, please be nice.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Haven't quite updated my blog about the activities that I've been doing for these couple of days. As you all know, I love to eat. Yes, and I don't feel ashamed that I love to eat. I love to discover new places to eat, and also to try different and unfamiliar taste. I love what my tongue can simply discover new taste. BUT, to balance it all out, I do exercise - don't get me wrong, I'm not a fat-lazy-cat type of person. And I do reduce red meat - I only eat white meat nowadays. And yes, I mostly don't eat any heavy meals after the clock strikes to 1800 - only fruits and vegetables.

Anyways, I've been eating these lovely homemade cheese toasts, which I LOVEEEEE, to fill my tummy in the mornings. If I made these triangle toasts, I always remembered my childhood memories. My grandma always prepare these if we are going to our villa in Bogor. She always prepared, especially with food (up until now, and I think that's why this house is never foodless. Come and stop by at my house if you're hungry! I'm telling you, it's 24/7 full of food).

To block my tummy, I've been consuming these lovely HEALTHY dishes (well, plus a yogurt drink). It was my first try on the Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink. It was Mixed Berries. I love it! It contains bits of real fruits, in my case it was berries. Other healthy snacks I've been consuming was the homemade 'rujak buah' (or sometimes people called it as "Rojak") that was made by my maid. This is an Indonesian fruit rojak, it consists of slices of fruits and we eat it with sweet-and-sour chili as its sauce.

Lastly, for the deadly desserts my tummy had to fill were these irresistible food. A cheese-topped klappertaart (a coconut cake from Manado, which is lovely, you should try), a 5 mini pancakes at Cuppa Coffee, and of course these lovely chocolate and cheese wrapped crepe with a Strawberry Haagen-Dazs at Shas'bu Bistro. How can I resist these?

Scandinavian Love.

Workloads, workloads, workloads. Yes, I have to make a new scaled mock-up on the Retail Studio Design from last term for our uni's exhibition - at LevelOne, Grand Indonesia starting next Friday (further notice will come), a 3-point perspective with 2 different views on a furniture, a 2-point perspective view on an interior space, and some work for Construction Studies 1.

Flicking through the net to find some inspirational space to draw, and my oh my... Look what I've found from this lovely blog called "From Scandinavia With Love". - now I'm truly in love with these!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Chatting on WhatsApp application on my blackberry with my iPhoners brothers out there really makes my life easier. Technology is simply a helpful hand. I miss them so much. Even though sometimes they are could be a pain in the bum, I miss their appearance. Well, I only have one brother - but there's this VERY CLOSE cousin of mine and I already deem him as my brother. Anyways.... Mas Johann opened my eyes on APC.

Well, Jakarta's gloomy days + these + me = OMG. I want them. All.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My oh My.

I'll be waiting for one of these under the Christmas tree ;)

Song For The Day.

Oh indahnya suasana
Bila kutahu siapa namanya
Tertunduk malu
Dia tersenyum simpul
Melirik kehadiranku di sana

Kuberharap dia menyapa
Mengajakku tertawa bersama
Menyibak duka di dalam hati ini
Menyambut pertemuan dengannya
Bilakah terjadi semua angan ini

Adakah bayangan diriku
Mengisi hari-hari
Di dalam gerak dan langkahnya
Walau jarak memisahkan
Diriku dengan dirinya
Ku tak akan pedulu
Semoga waktu kan berpihak padaku

Fantasiku kian menjulang
Membawaku melayang ke awan
Semesta ada
Kelelahan menerpa
Melepas s'ribu candaku dengannya
Biarkan semua seperti adanya

Di saat kuragu akan perhatianmu

"Keraguan" - Andien, in her newest album, "Kirana".

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Guerrilla on a Satnite.

Saturday night with my dear lappie and my tons of workload. In my interior design course this term, I'm having this class called "Academic Research Communication Skills" (if I'm not mistaken, or ARCS for short) - and we have to make a guerrilla campaign for a product that was given per group, and I got the product of milk.

I've missed 2 classes, so I had to do my own research about what is guerrilla marketing. And so, the night spent by researching some cool and fresh ideas, and I think these are some of the coolest and funniest, and hard to resist, that I've found.





Blogging through my laptop. It's been a while since I last use my laptop to browse, to do college work, and of course to blog. Since my room is still freshly painted, therefore it's uncomfortable for me to sit on my chair that's covered with newspapers. And so, here I am, on the dining table, trying to blog while people at home are discussing about politics and the country's economy.

Earphone plugged in. Okay, volume: max.

Anyways, bought a new desk for my room. Got it from Cayenne at Kemang Selatan. I'm going to design the tv table for the room, plus the bed and the small dressing table from a family's carpenter. Argghhh! I really want to go to Central/West Java to hunt for good quality of wood + furniture. One thing's for sure, they are waaaaaaayyy cheaper! Can't wait to contact my relatives who are living there, and are also interior + furniture designers.

Plus, I want these.

Oh! Today was full with new food (okay before we start, once my English teacher at school told me that the word "food" is already plural, and she's Australian, so yeah I'm gonna write what I've been taught).

An unexpected offer from a motorcycled man, selling his Indonesian savory snacks while I was crossing a street (the "pastel" and "risoles" are awesome). Some new meals at Kedai Kaffei (I ordered a pan fried Norwegian salmon, topped with cream cheese + olive oil and mashed pumpkin). For dessert, a nutty waffle + a surprise complimentary beef bacon sandwich from Coklat Item (and I've just discovered that it's under one group as Radja Ketjil).

Am I turning into a food-taster?

Omg. How can't I resist NOT to eat these lovely delicious sambel ijo lidah (beef tongue) for tonight's dinner? Yes, there are several types of beef that I can't resist. Just yet.
  1. Buntut (oxtail);
  2. Paru (beef lungs);
  3. and most importantly, lidah (beef tongue).
Though this tummy is too full, one or two wouldn't hurt. Right?

P.S: yes, we Indonesians eat everything. Most of them. (Read: I do. Except those that are gooey and slimy and stuff. Ew).