Friday, September 28, 2012

Food, Glorious Food!

Home. The joy of home is the fact that I can afford great hair and massage. Oh and food. Ha ha! So far has been treating me well. I missed all of the home-cooked meals. I missed the bedroom, full equipped with the babymac. Most of all, I missed being surrounded with the family. And yay, my Boggie of course.

Have been spending my quality time with both of my family and my man. Both accompanied with great food. Well, as a normal human being, I love to eat. Especially in this homeland of mine. Love all the bits of exquisite flavors that are being produced to each food. I eat everything. Well, that 'everything' means edible food. Not those weird meats that people would eat in some parts of the world.

For Indonesian dish, my all-time favorite is 'rawon' - been eating this since a child. I wouldn't want to . . . order and compare this dish in other places, cause I know my home makes the best rawon! Ha ha! Oh, I loooove pasta. And Italian. And as well as Japanese. Perhaps my brother is the one who loves Japanese food more than I do. Since a child, mommy has been treating me with different types of food to eat. Therefore my mouth and tummy accepts all kinds of cuisines! Ha. I love Indian food, as well as the middle-eastern cuisines that produces this exotic taste in my mouth.

Well, I know that these pictures aren't the best to point out the dishes that I've just mentioned. But these are just some of my munchies during the week *teehee! Oh and grrrr, I don't really like the new interface of Blogger. This makes me harder to post some pics with good proportions.

Oh well, I'm about to eat some 'buntil', one of my favorite Indonesian dishes as well. This happens to be one of mommy's cravings while I'm in her tummy. My great aunt is delivering it to us today, cause she happens to have the greatest meals as well. Oh I love her food. I'll post some pictures later on.

Perhaps I'll kill some time with continuing my Sims 3 that I happen to re-install it again in this babymac. Ha, ha.

Have a great day, people! Just had to post this.

Friday, September 21, 2012


So. . . I haven't been updating the blog since ages. I know, I know. Singapore haven't been that friendly to me. A lot of sleepless (and eatless) nights. Panda eyes are getting darker. Back and shoulders are aching more often. Why oh why . . . But despite all of that . . . and all of those tears and blood that were involved . . . I'M COMING HOME TONIGHT! . . . AGAIN! YAY!

Well, actually. . . I'm at the airport already. My flight's in an hour-ish and it's my 2nd hour at the airport. Yes. I am too exhausted and tired to go back and forth to my place, therefore I just had to come here. Oh, had to submit my finals today. So imagine this . . . Me. Carrying a model scaled at 1:40 in one hand, which is about the size of an A2. The other holding my luggage. Oh, and one shoulder carrying my bag. Which contains a 300ish-paged report, and this babymac of mine. With only 2 - 3 hours of sleep for the last 5 days. Oh yay.

Well anyways. . . I didn't know that the T3 has its own Aviation Gallery! Been strolling around the airport with a Boost Juice in my hand. Gazing at empty space for quite some time. Yes. I feel like I'm flying. Been tripped for many times. Feel's like my mind's not here. It's in the bedroom of mine with full of colorful and comfy and squishy pillows!!! I really need to sleep. Like 12 hours. Or more.

So. . . all of my works are not in this babymac. So yeah. Mind this boring and picture-less blog post. I just needed to . . . write something. So that my mind's keep working. And actually to find something to do to kill this time! HA HA! Oh! Perhaps I could show you what's my current desktop looks like? Well this is better, unlike the other laptop that I have which I left back home at my place. Oh! Just remembered about the "Weekly Wallpaper" thingy that was going on in the blog, but sadly I haven't been updating it like . . . forever. HA. 

Oh well. I need to be consistent with the blog. Have a great weekend! And go to Singapore this weekend if you're a grand prix fan.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Hello, hello, hello!

Have been . . . soooooooo long since I last touched this blog. Had some hectic weeks to go through, and I have gained a lot of . . . experiences. Yes. Not really in the mood to share it, though.

Last week, we went to have a cablecar ride to Sentosa. Had a walkout through the midst of trees around the Mt. Faber area. Unexpectedly watched some amazing fireworks. A candle-light dinner by the beach. Walked around the Singapore River until the Marina Bay area. Yes. It was surely a memorable last date, yet, in Singapore. Since my special man Boggie, will be having his studies to ride a . . . bigger ride . . . *teehee* he won't have schedules to fly back and forth to the Lion City then . . . *sigh

Anyways, just a little 'by-the-way' . . . I'm in my hometown for a while (ha, obviously. From the title? Duh?) . . . And I'm loving it! With mas Johann in town as well, the home base is full-house! Had 2 consecutive birthdays of the men I love, on the first till the second of the month. Kakung's, and my Boggie's! Happy-happy joy-joy!

I seriously am having some thoughts on what to write, but AMAZINGLY I'm in the mood to do my assignments. Again. Ha. Oh yes, how I love assignments . . . . . . . Not. But oh well, there are still 3 to do for the term, and with God's endless strength, I am sure I can finish 'em all! Oh yes, will be covering my man Boggie's work office for my last essay report!

And my room is really like a boy's room right now. Grrrrr . . . Blaming the boys who use this room as their . . . game room/changing room/nap room and etc etc.

Good night and sleep tight.
The photos were so slow to upload. Just remembered that the Internet connection here isn't that fast like in Singapore. Hhhmmm . . . Oh well.