Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meet My Vito.

Okay, I think I need to take a break from this restaurant assignment for a while. And I haven't touched my 3Ds Max yet, OMG. Plus, had an hour-ish Skype session with my brother. DOUBLE OMGs. But I know, with extra strength from the Almighty, I know I can do it! Yeahhh!

Anyways, I've been looking around in my grandaddy's (I call him Kakung; Javanese thing.. Ha!) workspace - which is sooooooooo packed with all of his things. And I want to share some treasures that I found in his workspace.

When I was still 12ish or so, mas Johann told me once, that he got this vintage leather traveling bag from Kakung's room and he once told me... "If you have good eyes, you'll found this room as a treasure box.." - and that is why I am trying to open my eyes, looking for some good findings.

I've always loved the smell of his work room right when the door is opened. The smell of old-leather combined with dusty-atmosphere (??? I don't know how to explain it specifically). I guess this space is bigger than my own room, which do bugs me off, seriously. But oh well. And yes, just fyi, I am living with my grandparents. HAHA! Okayyy... Back to the topic... His book collections are MASSIVE! And these are only in his room, you should see his books OUTSIDE the room. I think now I know where my book-worm DNA comes from.

'85 Edition

Kakung is a collector - in everything. He has so many interests and activities. When he was in his 20s, fighting for his country's independence, made him so much into scouting (Pramuka) later on. Perhaps these outdoor-sy activity made him much into hunting and it leads to shooting. You can clearly see his hunting guns collections, as well as his collectible hats. Like seriously, any types of hats. Well, I'm not into hats so yeah..

Aviation is another thing. Plus, photography is his other interest. I think he has used almost all big brands of cameras. Nikon? Of course. Canon? It's his favorite. Polaroid, Yashica, Leica, you name it. There are so many vintage cameras in this house, but I haven't found the really good ones.

It then made me realize, that he has always been so supportive and so caring to me. I once had in mind to sing him his favorites Dahil Sa Yo or What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Buuuutttttt.... although I had singing classes back then, I think my voice sounds better in the bathroom rather in public. That is why.. My next wish: is to surprise Kakung by renovating his workspace! BEFORE HIS 84TH BIRTHDAY ON SEPTEMBER!

I love my Don Corleone so much.
And of course his lovely Carmella :)

P.S. I'm sorry if the resolution of the pictures aren't that good, cause it was taken from my Blackberry. I couldn't be bother to take photos with a camera.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The World of Digitals.

I'm so amazed with what modern digital technology can do to us (in this case, I'm talking about the power of Internet). It's a very broad topic to talk about. It could impact people in different ways, sometimes it could also change people's lives. People may use it differently amongst others. Educational use, communication, promotions, etc etc.

Anyways, for me, I am using the Internet for mostly everything. I shop online. I share ideas. I gain inspiration and knowledge. I discover new stuff. And yes, I get new acquaintances.

Lloyd Popp, the first Indonesian talkbox player, is one of the example! Haha! The first time I heard his tunes was when he had a show at Grand Indonesia, then the next day he went on air in one of the national tv channel. I began to know his appearance on his youtube channel and his twitter account. Talking to a famous person is really... mm.. Haha I don't know. I just love his mixes and they're actually boosting my mood up. It could funked you. Seriously. Check out his channel! And yay! I was featured on one of his video, digitally. HAHAHA.

Anyways, next up is Jeannie Octaviani, a fellow blogger who shares a great interest in the design world as well. Though I've just known her yesterday, but we already shared our opinions about design. And she's the one who told me about these lovely inspiring interior blogs, {this pretty space} and mi casa es su casa. She even made me a review on her blog! Oh, how sweet.. Thank you so muchhhh, I'm really flattered. You're the first. Hahahaha!

I began to remember one of Andy Warhol's magic philosophy, and now I believe in his words.

And oh! Please take a peek at my cousin's portfolio. I've always love his works and ideas, very European. And it was lovely helping him on his final project, The Indonesian National Football Team 2022. Although I couldn't joined the other to attend his graduation last summer, I feel happy for him by looking at the videos and his samples that he gave - and I've got new acquaintances from the project as well. Apparently he's my closest and coolest cousin of all - we've been growing up very close, and I see him as my oldest brother.

P.S. I found this typography very interesting. Image is from here!

Today's Inspiration.

Okay. I haven't make a start on continuing any of my works. I'm tired of... thinking? Ha! Anyways... I've been in front of babymac for almost 4-5ish hours up till now, searching for new ideas, cools sites, looking for inspirations. And all that.

I found out about Katie Daisy, a witty and charming (if I may say) artist/illustrator from North Carolina. All of her works are so bright and cheery. I fell in love with most of her works, and they actually inspired me. A lot. Especially they're related to my current work (a rococo-inspired restaurant, where bright colors and freedom is all about). Plus, they're all boosted my mood up :)

Perhaps if you're feeling down like me, you should go to her blog here! Or her site, or even her Etsy page where she sells her creations.

All images are from here!


Just got an email from The Papilion. And OMG! How I love these new collections they're having in the store! Go visit Papilion Duo in Pacific Place, now!

P.S. I love all looks, especially number 3. Dr. Martens for Comme des Garรงons is just perfect!

P.S.S - Check the graphic designer here! Hihihi :D

No, I'm Not Exaggerating.

Okay, I know you would think that I'm exaggerating about what I'm gonna tell you. As a shoe-fetish, I would look for new and delightful shoes to buy and wear. At first, the main thing on turning the babymac was for me to make some supporting stuff for my restaurant project, but then my eyes couldn't stop gazing and my righty is stuck on the magic mouse.

I was only wandered around on SUEDEHEAD Shoes - which are jawdropping enough and caused me to write an email to them for the pricelists and stuff. It then leads me to other local brands and then this is when I couldn't let go my focus point. I got stuck on Streething, a daily dose of urban culture around SE Asia, as they stated on their web. They provide up-to-date information on fashion, art, design, music, happenings - and those other hip things.

I fell in love with these lovable Dr. Martens and of course these Super sunnies. Oh how I wished I took a glance at Leftfoot when I was in Singapore the other month. I used to go there mostly every time I go to Singapore with my brother :'(

Flicking through the pages of the web, I found a nice camera - which is what I need. I need a new pocket camera to replace my PowerShot. And by having too many choices, I got myself being so confuse to choose.

Panasonic Lumix GF2


Nikon Coolpix P300?

My heart beats so fast from viewing these awesome things. OMG. And now my body heat rises. Ha, ha. Pathetic me.

Images are from here and here!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moody's Mood For Love?

I've wasted a bucket of tears today. I've been so moody lately, and watching No Strings Attached in the movies wasn't really helping. Well, it sort of escaped me from the reality. Well, anyways, enough with the moody Kezzy, I'm going to write a little review about the movie from my perspective.

I always love romantic comedies. And Ashton Kutcher, well yeah, at first, I wasn't really into him, though - I began to take an interest in him when he played the role as Reed in Valentine's Day. But then when I saw him in the movie, he was doing so well into the character of Adam.

This Adam guy is soooooooo sweet and I would really like if an "Adam" actually comes to my life, HAHA! He's so sweet, he would do anything to get his ideal girl, and yadda yadda yadda. I think he's the funny-out of the blue-romantic type of guy, you know. He even made Emma an original period mixtape! Nyawwwhhhhhh.. How sweet is that?? (OMG! I'm sharing this heart-to-heart conversation on the web. HAHA!)

Oh well, anyways... There are lots of funny yet sweet quotes that I got from the movie, and my ultimate favorite is this one;

"You make my heart have premature ventricular contractions."

"You make my heart skip a beat."

P.S. I think I'd better get myself back to reality and deal with this massive workloads. And Genius-ing Brian McKnight's "Still In Love" wasn't really the best idea in this current mood of mine....

P.S.S. Found the track on the Period Mixtape that Adam made. Go click this!

The First and Last of Today.

So hey! Stayed home for the rest of the day, working, as usual. I am so tired and I think I over-eat. Ha. Ha. Oh well, who cares. By the way, I read an interesting article on today's paper, saying that our mood could be affected by how much water we consume. Hmmm.. Anyways... My eyes are droopy right now, but I'm having this obsession to update my blog. Well, not obsession. I would say... desire? Ha. Ha.

I just hate how pencil leads and sweat would do when they combine together. Yes, dirty drawings. And dirty hands. And yes, dirty keyboard.

I feel sorry for babymac's keyboard, and mouse - apparently. They got all these dirty smudges from leads (and paints, ha!) I've tried to get rid of them but then it got stained again, so yeah. Huh. And oh yes I do, I work on floor. Mostly. Do I get back or neck pains? Oh yes. I should stop working on floor. And I need to change my chair.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eames Fever?

Current color board: majorly influenced by them both, Charles & Ray Eames. They are my favorite designers. Of all time? Perhaps yes. (Along with Frank Lloyd Wright & Le Cobusier, that is). Now please someone buy me the lounge chairs? And I don't want the knock-offs.

It's Still Today.

It surprised me to see the clock, it's (still) half past eleven. Thought the new day has come already, or at least midnight. Perhaps it's because I'm isolating myself in the room that I got lost track in time.

Anyways, I am fed up with all the 3Ds Max that I'm currently doing and I hope I could spend the break on doing something about the blog. I'm scribbling ideas down in the brain, to figure out some things to add (or not) onto the blog. So yeah, I was thinking on re-layout this blog. Again. Ha!

I forgot to tell. I've got this cool vintage-y suitcase which is uber cool. I am in love with this. Browns and blues are my current color board.

Oh well. It's been a while since I last took pictures from my babymac. Haha! And yes, I do wear my retainer braces when I'm about to sleep. Well. Mostly every night.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Can't Think of a Title.

The day started with design studio class, which is now digging a hole in the restaurant topic. Yep, we're asked to design a whole new look for a fine dining FRENCH restaurant. Ha. Ha. Design concept? Rococo-inspired. Feminine. Gardens. Oh! And birds.

Have been eating a lot. Moody. Lazy. And I think the moon's gonna be here any soon now. Ha, ha, hhh. Oh well, whatever. Current playlist of the day: Brian McKnight.

Hmm.. Can't actually write any other thing. Hm. But perhaps you could check Lloyd Popp's newest video on his channel, doing an interview that I was talking about the other day. He actually informed me about the video and I was quite surprised and flattered. I was featured!!! Digitally. Haha! Thankies :)

P.S: I've added some cool new sites that I found under "Her Inspirations" (well, technically MY inspiration. Hm.. Okay... Ttyl then. I'm random-ing myself. ???)

Today's Quote.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


My Sunday is filled with books. Yep. Bought 3 wonderful new books to fill in my room. I love reading, and I love to write. And yes, I am a book worm. Literally cried while reading some cheesy romantic novels? Done that. Several times.

I don't know why I don't mind to buy expensive books rather than expensive clothes, though I almost bought a nice sunnies that's even cheaper than these books! Hhhhmmmm.. Oh well, these are for the sake of my future later on ;)

I don't know what else to write. So.. Hm.. Yeah..

Earthy Mood.

So hello again! I've just browsed the web to find some things that would support my concept for my new Design Studio assignment - and we're planning to have this concept of "Modernized Rococo" or "Romantic Rococo" such and such, we haven't find the right words for it.

Anyways, I've posted a couple of things about Anthropologie before, and I've been amazed with the new stuff they are having right about now. Loving the colors and all. OMG.