Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mini Reunion.

Things have been so hectic for the past week and it's hard for me to get some free time to make a new post on the blog. Whenever I have some time, I go straight to bed, ha ha!

Well, actually I don't have that much to talk about . . . Except the fact that it's only a week away till my fashion show assignment due date! And I'm still doing the technical drawings, whereas by this week I should be doing the perspectives or the 3D. My oh my . . . Heavenly Father please help me . . . .

Oh! Had a nice little 'reunion-lunch' with the girls (+ Fadli, my lecturer who doesn't want to get old, and ms Mia, the other cool lecturer who's full of inside scoops! Gossips, that is). It has been so long since I last saw my 'seniors' ha ha ha! Oh, and of course it's been a while as well since I last saw these crazy lecturers! I actually miss being taught by them . . .

Anyways, I need to get going on my work I guess. There are loads to do. Toodles!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Didn't had the chance to put a post yesterday and so I'm going to share how I spent this week's weekend. I started the weekend with cleaning out the closet. Plus the bathroom. Since my brother is in town, I get to share the bathroom with him. And yes, the bathroom got worse.

Anyways, I've been using this sling bag that I got from H&M everywhere I go for most of the time now. It seemed so free you know, without having to carry hand/shoulder bags. I only had a lunch-out with the family and finished the day at the salon yesterday.

And about today, went to try Union for the first time after church. I guess it's because of 'new' and 'hip-and-happening' that's why the place is always busy and crowded. Got a place for only about an hour cause it was fully booked, the service was . . . so-so, I guess. Food? Okay. Location and interior? A plus point! Perhaps they need a stronger grip together as a team. Overall . . . it was nice, though. Didn't really had a chance to try the pastries and desserts. Will have to go there again someday! With a reservation beforehand, of course.

And a 941 kJ Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream cup to end the noon. Ha! I'm such a pig these days. Perhaps it's because of my brother who's been having this huge appetite while he's in here. Urgh. Oh well . . .

Friday, July 22, 2011


Since I'm in my "minimalistic-mood" due to the current assignment that I'm doing, I've been searching things on the net and I found this cool blog, Minimalissimo. Browsing around the blog and found this bag which I've got love-struck with.

These canvas Otaat bags are offering the convenience of bags while minimizing the elements used for decoration only. I'd like to have one of these!


Tu Bag

Space Bag

Canoe Bag

Oh, please do check the site. It's uber-cool and I actually liked how the site makes the viewer (well, in this case, me) to actually feel like I'm involved in the site. You know . . . the 'want-to-see-more' type of feeling. Ha.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

KARE & Kebaya.

I did a little stroll around Senayan City after class, and freaked out cause I found out that KARE had opened its store in here! KARE is a design warehouse from Germany that sells . . . interesting things for the home. Well, for me, I know KARE for first time from Google SketchUp. I was doing my restaurant design back then, and I actually used quite a lot of their stuff. If you're into SketchUp, KARE provides heaps of their designs in the 3D Warehouse.

Seeing LIVE of some of the bits of pieces of the furniture that I picked to be used in my designs, really amazes me. Ha, ha! I know I'm being so . . . exaggerate and you may think I'm lame. But it surely was exciting to see the REAL thing. In the real world. And on scale. Ha!

Oh, bought this alarm clock. And I'm telling you, I thought the store would be so fancy in price . . . but I was wrong. I think their designs are worth to buy and worth the price!

I want to make my own furniture. Someday.

Oh by the way, I took pictures from my phone and I'm still trying to figure out how to transfer the pictures I took from the phone's camera to the babymac. Cause the iPhone's folder didn't show up in the desktop thingy. And so these are a few from my Instragam. Ha! Hm . . . Oh! One last thing! This is my pure love. Bought a modern kebaya and a scarf. Will post some pictures later on! :)

Oh, P.S. -
Yes. I'm regretting myself for not going to Germany back then when I was on my Europescape. I really want to go to VitraHaus and the Vitra Campus. And all that. And of course go to Cologne for a while with Mas Johann cause he was in the mood for shopping. And Weekday was on sale. Aaaaa! Oh well . . .

There's always a next time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today's Quote.

"You. . . I don't know what to say.
You've made me so desperately in love."

"You" by Ten2Five.


A lot of thoughts have been made in this mind of mine. A lot of questions. A lot of curiosities. And the most hated part, a lot of 'what-ifs'. Well, I don't like to use the word 'hate', though - cause it's a very strong word. 'Dislike' is . . . better. Ha, ha.

It seems like I don't have anything else to do. Well, I know that I have these assignments that are starting to pile up, but I dislike this phase of . . . 'laziness' and such. Procrastinating. Which makes me . . . think, you know. Why can't I just start and have a head start so that I won't be stressed out and finishing things up in the last minute?

I think I'm going to blame my mind. And my thoughts. People say that you are your worst enemy. I think I'm going to agree with that. Why do I have to think so much? A thought could bring you to . . . I don't know, problems?

And that is why, I need to change my way of thinking. I have to think positive in all situations. And try not think that much. You know, all the details and such. Those negative details, that is. And yes, googling 'motivational quotes' quite help you know. I know it's lame. And pathetic? But it helps. And of course, building an intimate relationship with my Daddy up in Heaven is the main thing for me. Pray, pray, pray.

Oh, yes I know this is a boring post that's full of words. Let me just browse nice pictures to . . . lighten up the post :)

P.S. - Oh, and it's nice to put 'Easy' by the Commodores when you're in the same shoes as I am right now :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I've been thinking a lot for the past few days, and that is why I haven't been . . . quite around in the blog world. Anyways, as I'm doing my last Design Studio class, I want to do something out of the box. I want to challenge myself. I want to have a wide range of styles so that it would make my future portfolio to be . . . colorful! HA, HA.

So anyways, I've been dealing with cheery colors with merry concepts for my previous works and for the next assignment of a fashion runway, I want a complete 180 degrees of a total different style.

Bold. Edgy. Brave. Monochrome.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pinky White.

Another baby-whitey gadget of mine - though I bought the jelly case first (without having the actual phone!) while I was in Amsterdam, cause it was so cute. Pink. And all. Cutey stuff. Ha, ha!

But then again, I had a glance through the web and found out on this site about these skinits, and not-so-girly/child-looking skins and other accessories that will not make the phone bulky and such. Aaaaa!

Don't Jealous Me.

Hello! I had a small yet nice gathering with my family from my Kakung's side. Before we went to Cibubur for the gather, my brother had the chance to show me this video on YouTube and I think this guy is the most annoying guy in earth. Ha, ha! I just love his accent and all. Try and check out his other videos here!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Spent the first half doing the presentation on my last Design Studio, which is exhibition and all that stuff. And other 'big' stuff. Ha, ha. We were doing this fashion runway research and now we have to actually design a runway show of our own pick. A local brand it is. Yeay!

Anyways, had a meet up with Lizzie. Oh and fyi, she's a friend of mine since kindies, and now she has a blog on her own! Click here! We had some Yoshinoya rice-bowls (it was my first try, seriously), pretzels, random sweets that I brought from Amsterdam, oh . . . and she REALLY URGED me to buy this Barbie hair-wrap thing. Well, I did her hair and it turned out to be kinda okay. Then I had to do the wrapping for my own - cause she couldn't manage and couldn't be bother to do it for me. Hhhhmmm . . .

Mine was . . . messy. And when Mikaela saw the orange thing on my hair, she instantly wanted the pink one on hers well. Well, I have to get permission from her mommy first though, hihihi. Oh and yes, when my mommy saw the orange thing-y on my hair, her first reaction was : "Take it off". Oh well . . . I was just experimenting different things while I'm still young. Hahaha!

And the highlight of the day was . . . I was told by a couple of people that I'm slimmer. Then I think to myself . . . Reaaaaaallllyyyy?? Cause I feel the same. Not to mention about how much of food that I consumed for these couple of weeks. Hm . . . Anyways, got to wear my black Acne denim-ish bottom. It was on sale and the shop in Palais Royal in Paris was so crowded, but thank God that this last pair fits me perfectly *teehee*

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My brother promised me to give some sort of a birthday present that I chose by myself. Obviously, I instantly picked 3 different shoes and told him. As time went by, he said that the shoes that I wanted wasn't on sale (ha, typical), anyways, instead, he bought me an LM Le Pliage from Longchamp instead - which I was planning to buy one during the trip, cause it's way cheaper in Paris. But he is a sweetheart you know.

Therefore, I've been using this bag for quite some time - cause I wanted to be a loving sister you know, appreciate what you get from your brother and all that, yadda yadda yadda. Oh, and loving this knee-padded tights from Monki and random accessories that I found in H&M.

And this week's current colors:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I am in the mood of . . . love? Ha! I'm in the mood to write. And I simply don't know what to write . . . Sometimes, if I don't know what to write - I could get myself tangled up in the writing, between the words and all. Oh well, here it goes. A post of. . . confusion? Haha.

I've just updated my "About Me" on my Facebook account, and I thought to myself "why write the same about me's everywhere?" (read: Facebook, Twitter,, etc.) Then I remembered an article about "The Pleasures of Living" that I've just read recently while I was in the toilet from a magazine called Apartamento - which they called themselves as an everyday life interiors magazine. It's basically about . . . what the writers feel happy about the most. And this caught my attention.

Andy Beach, the article's writer, made a list of everything. From doing his projects, to starting a blog, and just everything to remember things out. And this includes his awesome pleasures of living. They made a special list for it. And I think I'm going to start to be a list-maker as well!

Well . . . Up to this point, I really don't get why I start talking about Facebook then it leads to being a list-maker. See? I could get anywhere if my writing's unplanned. But oh well, I warned you before though.

Anyways, here's a list about me. But I won't get too far cause the web is a huge place and I don't want to get my personal things out that easy. Ha, ha!
  1. The number one on my list is my Father in Heaven, of course. I love Him completely. Without His love & grace, I wouldn't be like this.
  2. I love my family. (Ha, too cliche? But it's true you know)
  3. Is addicted to the smell of leather & suede.
  4. A shoe-freak. (Bold, and RED-ed)
  5. A book hunter as well. I also love the smell of books. I would buy a book that's worth more than a shoe of my dreams.
  6. I browse beautiful pictures that sometimes could inspire me to write. Or develop an idea or a concept for my projects.
  7. Oh! I haven't changed my desktop wallpaper since . . . ages.
  8. I am a softy. I sob during touchy scenes on movies. Even though the 'genre' of the film is not a 'drama' or so.
  9. I tend to have a sweet-tooth. No . . . I eat everything. Well, I think I'm more into the sweets, though.
  10. I guess this is the last, cause I know I would write down more on 'the list'. I can't really wait to do my own wedding. And buy baby stuff. And yes. Be a lawful wedded wife. And a lovable & caring mother. HA HA HA!
Goodnight! And try to make yourself a list, while 'Kiss on My List' from Hall & Oates are playing out loud. It's fun!