Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Trip.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a quick getaway trip to Bandung. The main thing was to go to this art supplies store in Jl. Sabang - which literally sells everythingggg, which I need it for my studies. Anyway, let the story begins.

A usual day in Jakarta. Thank goodness it was the other way TOWARDS Jakarta that was packed. Grabbed a quick brekkie at Starbucks in the 19th km rest area, and got some donuts for free. And I don't know why.

We arrived in Bandung right on schedule, like about 10.30ish or 11am. It was a beautiful and bright morning in Bandung. First stop...Toko Tidar :)

It's a small store, located in Jl. Sabang, which can be easily accessed from Jl. Riau (LLRE Martadinata). This store is a magical place, for me. It sells mainly everything that a design student needs (and wants). It was my first visit, and the owner (Tante Yuli, a.k.a "Tante Tidar") was so nice. She asked me if I went to Bandung JUST to go to her place or not. GAH! This is my new heaven. Tante Yuli also told me that there's a Pasar Seni (or "Art Market") that will be held at ITB Bandung on the 10th of the 10th (10th October 2010). COME AND JOIN! If I have the time, I would really loveee to go there!

Next stop. Happy-Go-Lucky! They were having 30% discount on selected items since Ramadhan, and so I bought a One and A Half asymmetrical shirt dress. I was in love with the Vivienne Westwood Ultragirl Bow (tortoise shell) shoe, butttt..I was saving money, so yeah..I didn't want to spend it on a VW Melissa shoe, but oh well..

Anyways, we had lunch at the Amaroossa Hotel. It's a one-year-old 4 starred boutique hotel (if I'm not mistaken) with a concept of Victorian-ish/La Vie En Rose type of style, and they have delicious food. They just opened their small cafe in Jakarta, located in Gandaria City, although the place is small, but I think it has a great atmosphere and you could feel the intimacy when you enter the place. Should try their Russian sliced beef (mmm..I forgot what it's called) and also they have the best lasagna!

Then we went to Rumah Mode, The Black Market, and such and such. Didn't get quite through to all the shops I want to go - esp the ones in Jl. Trunojoyo. Oh well, there's still a next time.
I was pretty satisfied on shopping materials and so shopping on clothes/shoes were less important. And plus, I'm saving my money to buy a new Melissa shoe. Or a Zara one.

Anyways, got back to Jakarta at 8pm - with a red eye. And that's about it. These are my findings! Bought some mounting boards, a sketchbook, some copics and drawing pens. Oh yeah, last but not least : BALSA WOODS!! hahahaha :) For the clothes, got an assymetrical dress from One and a Half, some korean branded jeans shirt, and some unbranded tanks and a dark blue harem pants! Since I have no blue harem, this one is perfect :)

Bandung trip outfit - loose top (Lane's OnlineShop), black shorts (Zara), gold maryjanes (Topshop), flower bomb bag (Hunting Fields), blue ring and yellow bangles (H&M, Topshop)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a Red Day.

My left eye is being red for about 3 days by today. Perhaps because the new haircut I just had on Friday. Yes. I cut my bangs straight, and short. Again. Oh'll grow again in no time.

Anyways, I'd better hit the shack anytime now. Got an early appointment with the ophthalmologist tomorrow.

I'll post some stuff about the Bandung trip I just had today, tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Virtual Moodboard.

So here it goes. I'm making myself a virtual moodboard which I think (and hope) it would be easier to visualize how my soon-to-be room will look like. Okay.

These are probably the main colors. Red is for the main attraction of the room. I still don't know where to put the red, either for the wall behind the bed or only for the accent (a red painted headboard, for example).

Lighting! Of course, it would be my hanging red megamendung batik lamp. It was on sale at Silla & Harrington :)

And these are some ideas for the working table. Which one to choose?

Plus, attributes to support...

Let's just hope this will make me easier to see the flow, rather than scattering around my desktop.

The Theory.

Alone. That's what I'm feeling right now.
Metaphorically, I have no one.
No one to share my laughs with. No one to share my downs with.
Oh God, I feel so pathetic.

Empty. My world is colorless.
Black as a swan.

I'm missing my brothers. To the core.

I Just Think I Need..

A new sunnies. And a LovePastry one would be lovely enough.

A Quick Surprise.

Just before I go offline, a new email from Cotton Ink popped up on my Blackberry. Oh God, I want this. Like. Now. Please.

Last Saturday.

Blogging about what you did on a Saturday night with friends. It may sound so cliche, but I don't care. I had so much fun with my friends last Saturday. Though it was only for a countable hours, we had a great time. Well, at least I had a great time.

So I will jot down the activities that I did.

Firstly, my college had this design clinic which was targeted to high school students who are willing to participate in designing. My lecturer asked me to accompany him to 'guide' the participants, such and such. Oh well, the first assignment on doing some stuff on Photoshop was okay.

Since I had to go home early, cause there was this monthly 'get-together' slash family church service at home, I didn't know how the participants went on the second assignment (which was making their own furniture using ice-pop sticks!)

Anyways, after that, Lizzie told me to come to her church cause they were having this 'once-in-two-weeks' service. I didn't have my car with me, so I told Lizzie to meet somewhere to pick me up. She sounded so convinced that she has her car with her, but then..she told me to go outside and look for her near the bus stop. Okay, she just popped out from a 113 Metromini (if I'm not mistaken). Eventually, we rode a Bajaj to her church. It was pretty fun.

After that, I got called by others to catch them up at Strawberry Cafe in Gandaria. It was my first. It was OUR first time. I tried the Strawberry Spaghetti and the taste was pretty awesome. Loved the mixture of sour and sweet, yet some salty touch from the smoked beef and cheese. I'm in love with the spaghetti and you SHOULD try.

Scientific Primaries.

This is some wall storage that I found interesting from Toimoi. Though this was their 2009 collection, I hope they still making this. Or else, I'm just gonna make my own.

I love the colors, which is similar to the main colors in Bahaus or De Stijl movement (blue instead of the green) - and this can really relates to what my future room will be.

Attributes that I already bought is the red Mega Mendung hanging lamp from Silla & Harrington. I need more.


Okay, just finished re-layouting this blog. AGAIN. I have to start blogging again. I'm having my mid-term breaks for a week, so yeah, there are loads of time to start blogging again.

Anyways, the plan for the holiday is: re-layout my room. I need to renovate this room. ASAP! I've been thinking about what theme I should do. Bauhaus. or Art Deco? Well, they were both in the same era - more or less.