Saturday, December 1, 2012

First of the Last.

Since I moved to Singapore, I actually haven't got the time to really update this blog of mine. It's so sad, I know. Well, anyways . . . had the best-est night ever last night! Firstly, mommy asked me to have a conversation through Skype, but then I was watching The Lucky One (ha ha) - so I postponed it for a little while. But then . . . after I saw her . . . I saw my special man was sitting right beside her. Yes. It was sooooooo sweet  :") *teehee* Seeing him, bonding with the whole family . . . it was truly just what I needed. The best first anniversary present :")

Okay, moving on . . . It's already the best time of the year! For me it is. I just love when December comes. But when it comes to work . . . I only just have 20 days, more or less, to finish final projects of this term. I know that my mighty Lord Jesus will back me up in each and every step I make.

Bought this lovely diary from kikki.K to have a head start on next year's plans and all! So excited and I just can't wait! This is just too lovely, and they have some cute little stickers to put on to as well! And yeah, haven't really had my Christmas shopping, just hope that next week I'll have the time to do some shopping for the lovely peeps back home :)

Oh yes. To end the night . . .  Gastronomia's spinach lasagna is the bomb.

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