Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fifty Five.

Ever believe in happily ever afters? Well I do. I believe you'll think as me like I'm so Disney or what-so-ever, but I do believe happy endings. My Kakung & Uti are the ones I look on to. They just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary today. I am so grateful that The Almighty still give them a very healthy and great condition, not to mention about their ages - that are in the 80s.

I love my Kakung & Uti, and I always keep them in my prayers for them to have a chance and see (at least) one of their grandchildren got married. I know that'd make them so happy and somehow proud :')

And now I'm missing my brothers :( Oh well, these lovely little chocolate profiteroles thingy from Huize van Wely cheers me up, haha!

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