Sunday, October 2, 2011

Batik Day.

2nd of October is the National Batik Day, and so I've decided to wear this batik skirt of mine which haven't been worn since . . . months. I wear batik every time I want, not just on a special occasion like today. Anyways, paired the skirt with the lovely Stella Plum from UP shoes. Yay!

Will start the new term of my studies tomorrow. And yes, I'm still part-timing at the studio. Will surely need a great massage every once a week, I guess. Ha! Today surely was a a nice day to end the week.

Enjoy your October!


  1. keren bgt loh batik nya buat cowo ada batik yg keren ga sih btw lo kurus bgt kez skrg

    salam dari imanajyong

  2. ah masa ini kurus sih imance... ada dong mannn batik keren utk cowo!! ntr deh klo lo disini gue kasih lo batik keren utk cowo as your bday present.. azeeeiigg...

    salam dari kakak gue jg lohh imanajyong ;)