Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I am in the mood of . . . love? Ha! I'm in the mood to write. And I simply don't know what to write . . . Sometimes, if I don't know what to write - I could get myself tangled up in the writing, between the words and all. Oh well, here it goes. A post of. . . confusion? Haha.

I've just updated my "About Me" on my Facebook account, and I thought to myself "why write the same about me's everywhere?" (read: Facebook, Twitter, Flavors.me, etc.) Then I remembered an article about "The Pleasures of Living" that I've just read recently while I was in the toilet from a magazine called Apartamento - which they called themselves as an everyday life interiors magazine. It's basically about . . . what the writers feel happy about the most. And this caught my attention.

Andy Beach, the article's writer, made a list of everything. From doing his projects, to starting a blog, and just everything to remember things out. And this includes his awesome pleasures of living. They made a special list for it. And I think I'm going to start to be a list-maker as well!

Well . . . Up to this point, I really don't get why I start talking about Facebook then it leads to being a list-maker. See? I could get anywhere if my writing's unplanned. But oh well, I warned you before though.

Anyways, here's a list about me. But I won't get too far cause the web is a huge place and I don't want to get my personal things out that easy. Ha, ha!
  1. The number one on my list is my Father in Heaven, of course. I love Him completely. Without His love & grace, I wouldn't be like this.
  2. I love my family. (Ha, too cliche? But it's true you know)
  3. Is addicted to the smell of leather & suede.
  4. A shoe-freak. (Bold, and RED-ed)
  5. A book hunter as well. I also love the smell of books. I would buy a book that's worth more than a shoe of my dreams.
  6. I browse beautiful pictures that sometimes could inspire me to write. Or develop an idea or a concept for my projects.
  7. Oh! I haven't changed my desktop wallpaper since . . . ages.
  8. I am a softy. I sob during touchy scenes on movies. Even though the 'genre' of the film is not a 'drama' or so.
  9. I tend to have a sweet-tooth. No . . . I eat everything. Well, I think I'm more into the sweets, though.
  10. I guess this is the last, cause I know I would write down more on 'the list'. I can't really wait to do my own wedding. And buy baby stuff. And yes. Be a lawful wedded wife. And a lovable & caring mother. HA HA HA!
Goodnight! And try to make yourself a list, while 'Kiss on My List' from Hall & Oates are playing out loud. It's fun!

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