Thursday, July 21, 2011

KARE & Kebaya.

I did a little stroll around Senayan City after class, and freaked out cause I found out that KARE had opened its store in here! KARE is a design warehouse from Germany that sells . . . interesting things for the home. Well, for me, I know KARE for first time from Google SketchUp. I was doing my restaurant design back then, and I actually used quite a lot of their stuff. If you're into SketchUp, KARE provides heaps of their designs in the 3D Warehouse.

Seeing LIVE of some of the bits of pieces of the furniture that I picked to be used in my designs, really amazes me. Ha, ha! I know I'm being so . . . exaggerate and you may think I'm lame. But it surely was exciting to see the REAL thing. In the real world. And on scale. Ha!

Oh, bought this alarm clock. And I'm telling you, I thought the store would be so fancy in price . . . but I was wrong. I think their designs are worth to buy and worth the price!

I want to make my own furniture. Someday.

Oh by the way, I took pictures from my phone and I'm still trying to figure out how to transfer the pictures I took from the phone's camera to the babymac. Cause the iPhone's folder didn't show up in the desktop thingy. And so these are a few from my Instragam. Ha! Hm . . . Oh! One last thing! This is my pure love. Bought a modern kebaya and a scarf. Will post some pictures later on! :)

Oh, P.S. -
Yes. I'm regretting myself for not going to Germany back then when I was on my Europescape. I really want to go to VitraHaus and the Vitra Campus. And all that. And of course go to Cologne for a while with Mas Johann cause he was in the mood for shopping. And Weekday was on sale. Aaaaa! Oh well . . .

There's always a next time.

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