Thursday, July 14, 2011


Spent the first half doing the presentation on my last Design Studio, which is exhibition and all that stuff. And other 'big' stuff. Ha, ha. We were doing this fashion runway research and now we have to actually design a runway show of our own pick. A local brand it is. Yeay!

Anyways, had a meet up with Lizzie. Oh and fyi, she's a friend of mine since kindies, and now she has a blog on her own! Click here! We had some Yoshinoya rice-bowls (it was my first try, seriously), pretzels, random sweets that I brought from Amsterdam, oh . . . and she REALLY URGED me to buy this Barbie hair-wrap thing. Well, I did her hair and it turned out to be kinda okay. Then I had to do the wrapping for my own - cause she couldn't manage and couldn't be bother to do it for me. Hhhhmmm . . .

Mine was . . . messy. And when Mikaela saw the orange thing on my hair, she instantly wanted the pink one on hers well. Well, I have to get permission from her mommy first though, hihihi. Oh and yes, when my mommy saw the orange thing-y on my hair, her first reaction was : "Take it off". Oh well . . . I was just experimenting different things while I'm still young. Hahaha!

And the highlight of the day was . . . I was told by a couple of people that I'm slimmer. Then I think to myself . . . Reaaaaaallllyyyy?? Cause I feel the same. Not to mention about how much of food that I consumed for these couple of weeks. Hm . . . Anyways, got to wear my black Acne denim-ish bottom. It was on sale and the shop in Palais Royal in Paris was so crowded, but thank God that this last pair fits me perfectly *teehee*

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