Monday, July 11, 2011

European Eatings.

As I have a heart to explore my taste-buds, I'd like to share what findings that are yummy for the tummy that I found during my Europescape! First of all I'm sorry if the resolution of the following pictures aren't that good, as I took those from my Blackberry - cause it was quite hard to eat with one hand and take a picture with the other hand. At the same time. Alone that is. Ha! Okay let's start.

My heart fell in love really deep for this lovable macaroons store in Paris - Ladurée. When you enter the store, you could see the fancy decorations that are very luxurious and oh-so-Parisian - though I thought the store would smell so sweet by the first step you made, but it doesn't have that sweet fragrance that I hoped it would. With a little help from Wikipedia, it told me that they were the 'pioneers' of macaroons and about 15,000 of those little colorful macaroons are sold everyday! Imagine that. And of course, they. . . are . . . delightful!

Strolling around in Le Marais in Paris, which Mas Johann told me it's the 'hippest and fashionable hang-out place for people our age', we went to this market that sells many variety of food. From simple Italian, to fusion Japanese, and of course . . . my favorite, the exotic Lebanese food. And the market was a food market, but then there was small shops around it. The one that caught my attention was the store that sells many vintage stuff, from old films to polaroids! I didn't took a picture of how the market is situated cause it was so full and I couldn't be bother, ha ha! But here are the pictures of what I ate. I loveeee Middle-East cuisine, as they are yummy and yet healthy! And very exotic.

Oh! The gelatos and sorbets are very. . . tasty. And of course yummy for the tummy! *teehee* And you know how hard it is to take a picture with one hand, while the other is holding a cone-full of 3 different flavors of gelato. And not to mention, the ice cream sandwiches are also lovely.

Since my first visit to Amsterdam, when I was like. . . 12? I don't know I forgot, anyways. . . I've always eat these yummy fries with the signature Dutch mayonnaise. You could simply buy it on the streets, they usually have fries vendors all over Amsterdam. Just simply donate your 2.50 euros, and there you go. . . you'll have your hot fries with melting mayonnaise on top in no time.

Let me think. . . what other junks that I consumed. . . Oh, these nutella-filled donuts. Well, we actually have those kind of donuts in Jakarta, you could find them in fj'L. But you know, why pay much when you could enjoy those fatty-yummy donuts that you could buy for only half a euro in a bakery shop right around the corner? Haha! Oh, and nutella-topped crepes. They are . . . heavenly.

Oh, can't be missed: Paris Starbucks. Yup. They sell pancakes. And all those mouth-watering sweets. Not to mention the very Rococo-ish interior. For a Starbucks. Just wow. And I know I'm being so. . . lame. But whatever.


  1. hhh.. ngileeeerrr yow, they all look delish (:

  2. Yes they are, dei! They are sooooooo good. And fattening. But oh well :D