Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Since there were these riots that were (and are still - I guess) happening in town, I worked from home for the past few days of the week - which I reaaaaalllyyyy love (and this includes for my future career plan, which is . . . pretty flexible, which is great - my dream job, really). Anyways . . . have been working for a new concept development for an apartment project.

Seriously . . . whenever I have a project to handle, mostly the clients that I got are newlyweds who are designing their homes, which includes their future baby's room. Yes. I seriously can't wait to design our own apartment. With the future nursery's room and all. HA HA!

Oh well . . . I don't think I have anything more to be shared. Perhaps, just a little photo of us attending a wedding last Sunday *teehee! Looks like I have to continue all the work. Oh, maybe I'll just write a little something for the company's blog!

Have a great sleep!

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