Friday, March 30, 2012


Hello! Hope you guys are doing fabulous. For me, well . . . the sun has been shining quite hard for these couple of days, and not to mention about the whole riots which have been decorating the city (and the country) for the past few days. Glad that my Kakung is not in town, if he's here, I'm sure he'll be watching the TV 24/7. Hm . . . Anyways, I've been doing these lovely moodboards (per room) for the concept of an apartment project. Well, these are just some of the works that I did though - I don't want to spoil the magic, HA HA!

Since the whole concept or theme is around the color mint-green, this surely made me crave for some mint-chocolate chip ice cream, which I had after lunch today! Yay! Oh by the way, I don't actually know what's the relation of designing a concept with my food cravings . . .

Hm . . . What else to share . . . I've been missing so much stuff amongst the world of Instagram. AND, of course . . . I miss catching up with my friends as well *sigh . . . Oh! Here's a little something-something:

Good night!

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