Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In The Long Run.

At first, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to be. Well, as I am keen on writing, my dream as a child was to be an editor at some chic magazine - due to the movie The Devil Wears Prada, and of course the serial Ugly Betty. Within the other part of me, I really like to . . . make stuff. Since a child, I've been making stuff and really do enjoyed it. Although they were just the little things that are, most of the time, pointless . . . such as bracelets and necklaces, toy cameras from used tissue boxes, then it got bigger to paper-tole (3D decoupage), and etc. My favorite alley in the toy-store was definitely the arts & crafts area, where I could freely pick all of those colorful Crayola kits to be my best friend (literally, though. I do have real friends.)

Well, perhaps it's a 'mom-thing' - where every mommies know what is their child's strengths & weaknesses. When I was in my last stages of school, mommy told me to think about entering a design school, where I should study interior design - as she told me that graphic design is very booming and is everywhere, at that point of time. Then again, I've just realized that since a child I like to change my room's layout and wall color every now and then. So then, I followed her advice to look for something . . . rare.

I really am grateful to really study and deepen my knowledge in the world of design. It wasn't that 'easy' as I thought it would. The road was complex, I'm telling you. We, as interior design students, also have to learn about construction, plumbing systems, and all those details - which I thought it was the job for architects, not interior designers. Really? Equations for stairs? And lighting points? Are you kidding me?

Although there were obstacles and difficulties that I had to face, I managed to cope with them all and went through my process. We can't just expect to see some magic happens and poofs right away in front of you. I think every little thing needs process. Design needs process. I am truly blessed to see and experienced all of the processes and I'm really pleased that I could cope with the problems that I had for the last 2 years.

If it weren't because of God's mighty strength and never-ending grace, I wouldn't be like this today. I now have finished my Advanced Diploma from the Institute, and I'm now preparing for my Bachelor's degree in another countable months, overseas.

A new door to open. A new experience is waiting. A new process awaits.

P.S. - Perhaps this little something for the day that I shared, might . . . be a little light bedtime story for you guys *teehee*

OHHH! Another P.S. - My baby Boggie was really reaaaallllyy sweet, as always. We had a nice late lunch at Kempinski and made me very full with the Norwegian pan-fried salmon which was very delicious!

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