Monday, June 11, 2012

My Day.

I was kinda busy during the week, was a bit MIA from the Internet and all other social media, therefore I couldn't write a post or two. I'm sorry. Well anyways, I know it's kinda late, but I'd like to share a little something about what happened during my day! Yay!

First of all, my man - Boggie, surprised me right in front of the house at midnight. He called me and told me to look outside my window. (Oh, but before I opened the blinds - I had to put my glasses on though, ha ha!) And there he was. Standing with his black suit. Carrying a handful bouquet of roses.

Oh yes of course, my heart stopped a beat. Like seriously.

He made my heart melted again with the 'real' present that he brought. It was one of my wishlist, to be honest. A lovely tote bag from i am powder. I was blown away. Seriously. Waaaaayyyy better than those romantic scenes in the movies. Trust me.

Well anyways, enough with the lovey-dovey moments, and let's get back to the main thing, ha ha! The day went on with a lunch at Café Aria with the family including my man. Loved it so much! I felt really blessed. Oh by the way, about the restaurant itself . . . the food were great. Ambiance was fine, an urban-industrial kind of feel.

Then we had a short stay at the house and afterwards I had a visit to his house, which truly is like a second home to me. Really. And then we ended the day with a visit at Brightspot Market that was being held at Gandaria City. A crowded night it was, at the Brightspot. Met some friends. Strolled around and didn't get anything, cause I already got what I truly need.

Hope you're having a great June, cause I know I am!

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