Friday, September 28, 2012

Food, Glorious Food!

Home. The joy of home is the fact that I can afford great hair and massage. Oh and food. Ha ha! So far has been treating me well. I missed all of the home-cooked meals. I missed the bedroom, full equipped with the babymac. Most of all, I missed being surrounded with the family. And yay, my Boggie of course.

Have been spending my quality time with both of my family and my man. Both accompanied with great food. Well, as a normal human being, I love to eat. Especially in this homeland of mine. Love all the bits of exquisite flavors that are being produced to each food. I eat everything. Well, that 'everything' means edible food. Not those weird meats that people would eat in some parts of the world.

For Indonesian dish, my all-time favorite is 'rawon' - been eating this since a child. I wouldn't want to . . . order and compare this dish in other places, cause I know my home makes the best rawon! Ha ha! Oh, I loooove pasta. And Italian. And as well as Japanese. Perhaps my brother is the one who loves Japanese food more than I do. Since a child, mommy has been treating me with different types of food to eat. Therefore my mouth and tummy accepts all kinds of cuisines! Ha. I love Indian food, as well as the middle-eastern cuisines that produces this exotic taste in my mouth.

Well, I know that these pictures aren't the best to point out the dishes that I've just mentioned. But these are just some of my munchies during the week *teehee! Oh and grrrr, I don't really like the new interface of Blogger. This makes me harder to post some pics with good proportions.

Oh well, I'm about to eat some 'buntil', one of my favorite Indonesian dishes as well. This happens to be one of mommy's cravings while I'm in her tummy. My great aunt is delivering it to us today, cause she happens to have the greatest meals as well. Oh I love her food. I'll post some pictures later on.

Perhaps I'll kill some time with continuing my Sims 3 that I happen to re-install it again in this babymac. Ha, ha.

Have a great day, people! Just had to post this.

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