Friday, September 21, 2012


So. . . I haven't been updating the blog since ages. I know, I know. Singapore haven't been that friendly to me. A lot of sleepless (and eatless) nights. Panda eyes are getting darker. Back and shoulders are aching more often. Why oh why . . . But despite all of that . . . and all of those tears and blood that were involved . . . I'M COMING HOME TONIGHT! . . . AGAIN! YAY!

Well, actually. . . I'm at the airport already. My flight's in an hour-ish and it's my 2nd hour at the airport. Yes. I am too exhausted and tired to go back and forth to my place, therefore I just had to come here. Oh, had to submit my finals today. So imagine this . . . Me. Carrying a model scaled at 1:40 in one hand, which is about the size of an A2. The other holding my luggage. Oh, and one shoulder carrying my bag. Which contains a 300ish-paged report, and this babymac of mine. With only 2 - 3 hours of sleep for the last 5 days. Oh yay.

Well anyways. . . I didn't know that the T3 has its own Aviation Gallery! Been strolling around the airport with a Boost Juice in my hand. Gazing at empty space for quite some time. Yes. I feel like I'm flying. Been tripped for many times. Feel's like my mind's not here. It's in the bedroom of mine with full of colorful and comfy and squishy pillows!!! I really need to sleep. Like 12 hours. Or more.

So. . . all of my works are not in this babymac. So yeah. Mind this boring and picture-less blog post. I just needed to . . . write something. So that my mind's keep working. And actually to find something to do to kill this time! HA HA! Oh! Perhaps I could show you what's my current desktop looks like? Well this is better, unlike the other laptop that I have which I left back home at my place. Oh! Just remembered about the "Weekly Wallpaper" thingy that was going on in the blog, but sadly I haven't been updating it like . . . forever. HA. 

Oh well. I need to be consistent with the blog. Have a great weekend! And go to Singapore this weekend if you're a grand prix fan.

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