Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going Deep.

"Thanks for the thought. I appreciate that, but you don't have to. Don't worry, it's fine, okay? Relax, I'll manage."

"Nej, don't worry. Buy yourself some nice shoes instead."

How would you react with something like those? When you're bloated by all the excessive amount of food and all, which are basically a huge amount of waste, and you don't know exactly how are your loved ones are doing at the exact time? Well... I cried. Like seriously drowned in tears.

I know it's the reality but I believe that He, the Almighty, had to give us all the obstacles in life not only because He loves us so much, but also for us to be in the higher level of... faith. For us to be in a deeper relationship with Him. Problems are there for us to gain a new level in life, which means a better... us.

For whatever problems we are facing, we should give thanks and appreciate. Whether if we're having problems or not, we should give thanks. In whatever situation, we have to give thanks to Him, you know. We're alive on this earth without being asked to pay. Free of charge. Just simply look at the essential thing in this magnificent mother nature. Air. The air we breathe, is free.

That is why I'd really like to live alone. Or even to travel the whole world by my own. To appreciate the value of food. And money. And all of that. Well, basically to appreciate all of the things that happened and is still happening in this precious life. And I just know that my brothers out there are being taught by Him, to be better. I am positively sure that they're gonna be just a-okay.

Goodnight, everyone.

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