Monday, March 28, 2011


Woke up late, had a quick breakfast toast, then off to Segar Sehat, a massage place where mommy and I always go to have a full body treatment of lulur and aromatherapy massage. Today, it's all about pampering myself.

Lulur is a traditional Indonesian scrub, well, I think it originates from the Javanese tribe. But then as time goes by, the Balinese invented their own traditional lulur Bali. Oh well, I don't know about that and I'm just guessing my own mind about all of this so don't get too serious about it.

Anyways, after an almost 2-hours long of the treatment, decided to grab a lunch at Mie Boy. It's been a well-known noodle place back in the 80s, and mommy always went there back when my brother was still in her womb. Since then, she always brings her children to taste the delicious chicken noodle there. Nyahaha.

Oh, to sum it all up, went to have a nice blow-dry session at Kumarii. Another beauty salon that we like to go. Forty-thousand Rupiah worth of a blow-dry. Whether you have long or short hair, and in any styles you wish. It's very affordable, and they've just renovated the place. I love the birdcages for their lighting. I wished I took some pics of the salon, but we were in a hurry. Oh well, goodbye oily hair.

OH! Fyi, French women love to have a little bit of oil in their hair. They think that it's sexy. Well for me, I don't like my hair to be so flat and shiny. Well, I don't know if that statement is true or not, I've read it somewhere on the net or in a magazine. Oh well, just sayin....

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