Saturday, October 13, 2012

Next Level.

Hello, hello, hello . . . From Jakarta! (Again, ha!) Will be here until Monday, so I still have a couple of days to eat lots of good and yummy things for the tummy! And really enjoy sleeping in the bedroom of mine! Though it's a mess, I couldn't be bothered to clean the room. Especially the closet. Well, since the brother will be sleeping in mine when I'm back to the Lion city . . . therefore I guess it'll be just a waste of time (and energy) to clean up the room. Ha.

Oh well. Had my Advanced Diploma graduation ceremony yesterday. Not all of the family could come though, I hope they'll come to my degree's graduation on next year's June *a big AMEEEEENN for this :)

The gossip-ful lecturer, and all the interior design grads!

Yay! With the family and my two lovely men :)  

Loving every single bits of the days in Jakarta. It's funny that I just had much fun of graduating, but I still have tons of assignments for my degree to be completed. Hmmmm. . . Will be having 9 more weeks of living alone in Singapore till I'm back in my hometown. Can't really wait. Seriously!!! Well to be honest, I just can't wait till my studies are over! HA, HA! 9 more months till my degree is over. Just like waiting for a child to be born.

Goodnight. And try listen to this track from Anastasia. One of my current faves :)

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