Monday, January 7, 2013


Back in Singapore, and I admit . . . it has only been a night of sleeping - and it's kinda boring already. Nothing to do. Really. This term is really a laid-back one. Theory, reading, and writing. Oh my . . . What to do for the 4 free days in a week? I just wish that I'm allowed to go back and forth to Jakarta on the weekends! Ha, ha!

So . . . Nothing to do, righhhttttt? Therefore, what I did was decorating my cheery calendar and planner. That is after I did my exercises. And my salad dinner. Ha.


Oh well . . . Miss home already, but I know that I'll be home SOON! Oh, and yes, this links to . . . the graduation - which is . . . SO VERY SOON!!! I really miss the family back home. Plus, listening to the voicenotes on my phone brings back sweet memories. We were singing "Stop This Train" by John Mayer, and I miss my Boggie so much right now. Seriously.

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