Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hi! Yesterday I went to this new hang-out place just around the neighborhood with the girls, Pad 28. Lovely little hideout just around the corner of Senopati and the place is . . . homy. Yep. Lovely place with great ambiance, tasty coffee, and yummy eateries!

Well, please do mind if I didn't took any pictures of the place, cause we were caught up with interesting long talks and juicy insight gossips, since my friend since the kindergarten, Ulli, is here! But you could always check their Twitter here! Oh, and don't forget their Facebook page and blog as well!

Oh, and since I promised a friend of mine to help her out, Payal Dasani . . . please do take a look at her online store, Little Junkie! Where she offers a range of accessories, mostly rings, necklaces and bracelets! And of course with reasonable price :D

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