Sunday, March 20, 2011

Braids & Crops.

Anyways, I really have to get going with my work. There are still TONS to do. Oh my Lord, I know You'll help me by giving me extra strength and creativity to do them all. But just a small share.

In attending special occasions, I've never had this kind of hair-do before, like into a bun like this type, or 'sanggul' in Indonesian. Ha.

Mommy asked me to NOT open the bun, and so I did. I did what I was asked. It was pretty hard and tired to actually sleep with a hair-do like that. Bought a new little red bling to fill in the current collection.

And actually I like my current hair. Natural curls because of the braids. Teehee. Anyways, I'll talk to yous soon. I really need to get going on with the assignments. Laters.

Miss Selfridge printed crop blouse, a batik tulis I found in Uti's closet, Marc by Marc Jacobs nude patent leather chunky heels, an (X) S.M.L ring, and a tenun ikat obi.


  1. haiii.... nice post...
    i like your room...
    hope you will visit me back... thx

  2. Hi! Thankyou so much :D
    I will surely drop again and buy some stuff from you!