Friday, November 11, 2011

Triple Eleven.

Guess people around the globe are into this '11.11.11 phenomenon' and its whatnot, and I admit that today's date is so rare, therefore we should make it a memorable one!

Had a great triple 11 with my friends. It has been . . . ages, since I last had a meet up with the guys from the school where I spent most of the time studying, Global Jaya (or is it now called . . . Global Jaya International School? Ha, ha)

Though it was quite a short meeting, and only had to meet with a few of them, but it was really nice to actually catching up with them. And now I miss my school days even more. It seems time moves so fast and I think it accelerates even more each day!

Oh well. . . Hope you guys have a great day! Oh and plus, wishing you a great weekend as well. Cheers!

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