Sunday, August 5, 2012


Hiya there! Just a little FYI, this study of mine . . . is loaded with LOTS of tasks. Really, I'm telling you. Well anyways, to forget about all the tasks that I need to do, I've just had one of the best week in this first journey of Singapore. Yet.

Have been visited by my lovely Kakung and Uti. Plus the brother came along, and also a great aunt of mine. This means, good food and some extra little shopping for me *teehee! Well, it was really the brother who shopped like a lady. Seriously. And yes, why oh why did I get so tanned. Even the brother is . . . whiter than me. OMG. Really need to have some treatments back home! Every holiday! Ha, ha!

Had some touchy moments with the grands. They surely are the best grandparents in the whole wide world. I really thank my God for trusting them to be a role model for me. I really love my God for putting me in this great family of mine.

And what made this week reeeeaaalllly special was . . . the fact that my special man Boggie was here in Singapore! Though it was only a little bit more than a dozen of hours in the city of lion, I've just had the best first-of-the-month Saturdate with my man!

OH! Had the chance to see the nation's 'rehearsal' (I guess? Or so I thought?) for its National Day Parade on Thursday, and my man was drooling over the airshow. Those fighter aircrafts were flying over our heads, with the . . . really loud sound (ha! I don't really know what's the exact word for this occurrence). He was . . . really excited. Yes, as a #1 fan of Maverick from Top Gun, he was surely . . . thrilled. To actually see one. Right above him. Since you know, in our beloved country, the jets and all that aren't that . . . advanced. Ha, ha.

Well anyways, didn't get the chance to capture those moments in photos. Since they were flying so fast (duh?). So anyways, what to share what to share . . . Oh, yeah. Regarding our last date in Singapore, we had a visit to the Gardens by the Bay during the sunset till the nighttime! Nooooiiiicceee indeed (cause there was just the moon and the stars that were glittering the sky, ha!). Oh! And yes! FIREWORKS! We saw those colorful lights that colors the dark night, which I hadn't had the urge to take some shots. Ha, ha.

OH AND FINALLY! Can't wait till this new baby comes and knocks the door. Oh, my front door in Jakarta by the way. Ha, ha. Nina batik rose from UP shoes! Yay so fun!

is being nice, and I hope same goes to you too! Good night!

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