Sunday, August 19, 2012

Half a Day.

This week seems so fast. But anyways, despite all the . . . workloads which brings backaches and headaches, today highlights the whole week. A really valuable 12-hours was spent with my man Boggie! Yay!

Strolled around the Singapore Botanic Gardens which is about 2km-ish from my current house. Walked. Yes, we walked at dawn, people. Ha, ha. Made us some homemade tuna sandwich, complete with eggs and with some salads, for our little breakfast. Oh by the way, I'm currently in the mood for cooking. Yes, Kezia cooks. Ha! It's actually fun, you know. Well, as for me, I'm also curious to find new recipes and actually . . . make it happen. Let's hope that this brings to a great . . . journey. This cooking thing I mean, ha ha.

Well anyways, moving on . . . went to church together! Yay! I miss going to church with my man. Hm, what else . . . oh! Went to see the Merlion. From what I could remember, I think I haven't been to the Merlion Park before. Well, perhaps when I was just 2-3 years old? I don't know, can't remember. Well, since the Merlion is having its birthday, there was some repairs and construction thingy that were going on until . . . time tells. Ha. I didn't know that the Merlion is . . . that small? Hm.

We had a quick visit to the harbor area as well. Was about to ride the cable-cars, but the queue was taking too long! Is it because today's a Sunday? And it's Hari Raya? Oh well, planned it for the next time he'll visit Singapore . . . and that's . . . NEXT WEEK! Hahaha! Happy-happy me! So then, we visited the quays area. Nothing to do much as well, though. Ended the day with some double scoops that consist of Yellow Brick Road and Mocha Mania ice cream of The Daily Scoop. And yes, packed him some tomato-basil spaghetti with some salmon and sauteed capsicums for my man. Yes, my cooking! :)

And now I'm too lazy to move myself from this bed. And I'm super hungry. Though there are rendangs and kering tempe from the kitchen back home, I need to finish my last night's leftovers. Ha, ha. Will finish my . . . assignments afterwards. Yes. Currently doing 3 to be completed in . . . 1-2 weeks time. A hotel project, a shophouse project, and a research report on Rem Koolhaas, ha ha ha. My oh my. I really need a good massage.

I'm sure my God gives me extra strength! Have a great week ahead!

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