Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Well, it's not that today's a special day or what - but everyday is special, though. Keep that in mind. Just a glimpse of seconds ago, a memory occurred to my mind, and that I thought to myself "I should write this down" - though there are lots to do.

I forgot if I wrote about her in my previous posts, but this special person really knows me well. Carried me in her womb for 9+ months. Oh yeah, I was told that I really loved swimming around in my mommy's womb for quite a while - therefore my baby me weighs so much. And hairy. Ha, ha!

Being with her makes me . . . happy. And feel so loved. Having the same taste in mostly everything, I just love how we share our clothes, shoes, and food! We could spend a whole day together, without getting bored. Doing our own mother-daughter quality time.

She taught me things that I should know. Told me things that I didn't knew before. Shared stories and experiences. Trained and educated me with the best etiquette. Constantly give me advices and warn me when I'm wrong. Cover me when I'm in need. Genuinely takes care of me. Sincerely share her love towards me.

A true best friend who knows me inside and out. A true idol sent from above. The one who loves to comb my hair and do me a French braid. I miss my mommy. So much.

Oh yes, I'm totally in flood of tears right now.

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