Monday, August 13, 2012


What do I do when I need to freshen up my mind? Especially during the times when I do my assignments. Oh yes. I blog. Just like now. Ha, ha.

Well anyways, just heard from a friend. That her friend actually . . . lost, like 9kgs, just in a month's time. Wow. Only eats once a day, while filling up her dinner with fruits. Stops at a bus stop away from the actual nearest bus stop of her destination. Yes, her friend walked a lot. And of course, she gets tanner. Hm. Oh well, I can just have my milk bath and lulur in Jakarta every once in a . . . month? Ha, ha! I wish. I'm totally going to follow my friend's friend's method. Ha, ha!

This means . . . I think I have to say goodbye to these mouthwatering and yummy bubble-teas! For . . . a while, I guess.

KOI from here, Woobbee from here, Artease from here, Gong Cha from here

Hope you're craving for some right now. Cause I am.


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